Yugioh Epic Dawn Battle Pack Sealed Deck Play @ D20 Games

Starting with the release of Epic Dawn, D20 will start doing regular Yugioh Sealed Deck play.  Epic Dawn is Yugioh’s first release that is dedicated to sealed deck play (decks that are made from small fixed number of packs)

We will run Battle Pack events starting at 2 p.m. on Saturday  and at 12:30 on Sundays for the older crowds.  We will also start doing it on Tuesdays starting at the end of June We will do so for as long as we have battle packs in stock, but please check the website calendar for the latest information.

There will be 2 formats:

  • 5 packs-Cost,$10-15 depending on prizes.  Make 20 card decks from the 25 cards that come in the sealed packs.
  • 10 pack.  Cost $20-$25 depending on prize pool.Make 40 card decks out of the 50 cards from the packs.

The rules of sealed are that only the cards that come with the packs you open that day can be used to make your decks. No cards can be added from different sets or from any other source but the packs that were opened.  The cool part of this is that a) You aren’t playing the same deck over and over again, b) Every player basically starts on an even playing field, and c) rather then buying packs just for the one or two good cards that may be found, you get to have fun with them, no matter what.

These events are similar to the sneak peeks with one major exception.  The sneak peeks are for sets that weren’t designed for sealed deck play, so the decks made with them tend to either be wonderful or terrible.  The new Battle packs were built for doing this, so they have many more cards that can work together well in the sets.


Prizes will vary by event, but for the kids, they will play 3 rounds with selections from the Duelist league as special prize cards for all kids involved.  Bonus packs will be awarded for best sportsmanship, most interesting deck ideas, and best helping another player to learn the game.  For the adults, prize packs will be either one pack per match winner for 3 rounds, or from a prize pool.


From Konomi, here are their suggested rules for the 10 pack events.
Event Rules:

1.                   8 Duelists are seated in a random order.

2.                   Each Duelist is then given 10 sealed Battle Packs.

3.                   The Duelists record each card out of the packs they open on the Battle Pack: Epic Dawnchecklist.

4.                   The Judge for the event gathers each Duelist’s set of cards and checklist and randomly distributes them among the Duelists.

5.                   The Duelists verify what cards they receive with the checklist they receive.

6.                   The Duelists will then be given 20 minutes to look over their cards, build and sleeve their 40 card Main Deck., Should they choose to sleeve their Deck, they must do so with tournament-legal sleeves.


Once steps 1 thru 6 are completed, the Duelists then will play against their first round opponent in a best 2-out of-3 match.  Play will continue in single elimination format until a winner is determined.


Deck Construction Rules
Main Deck Size (Minimum) 40 non-Xyz Monster Cards in Main Deck
Side Deck Size All non-Xyz Monster Cards not in the Main Deck
Extra Deck Size All Xyz Monster Cards
Forbidden/Limited List No  Forbidden & Limited Card List is used

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