D20 M13 Game Day, Aug. 4th

M13 Game Day at D20 Games

Game Day Time again.  Join us on Saturday, August 4th  at 12 for the M13  Game Day.

  • Time: 12 noon to start (Should end around 5-6)
  • Format: Standard (60 card deck with 15 card sideboard.  Cards can be M13, M12, Scars of Mirradon Block, and Avacyn Restored Block.)
  • Cost: $5

Everyone who attends will get a special full art version of the Beast Tracker.  Top players will get a special foil full-art version of Killing wave.

D20 Games in Alameda, is a comfortable, safe place to play.  We are located at 2311 Santa Clara Ave. in Alameda.

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