Gatecrash Prerelease Event @ D20 Alameda


NOTE-Sat PM is Sold Out!-


Gatecrash Prerelease @ D20 in Alameda—ADDED–Two times on Sunday (11 and 3 instead of 12:30) 

The second set in the Return to Ravnica block has been proving to be just as cool as the first.  Bringing in the second 5 of the 10 Ravnica guilds, Gatecrash brings back the same style of special prerelease kits( 5 Gatecrash packs, one special guild specific pack, a guild colored life couter die and a guild specific promo card that CAN be played in the event). There are limited allocations of each guild, so we can only guarantee the first 30 or so people requesting each guild.  (We will do our best to get people what they want anyway, but signing up earlier is a very good idea.)

This is a great event for all levels of players…lots of fun for casual players, lots of challenge for more advanced players. As usual…we always play for the fun of the game. 😉 At each time slot we will be offering both Competitive and Kids & Casual groups.  For the Competitive, there will be 4-5 rounds, with the top players getting most of the 2 pack per attendee prizes.  The Kids & Casusal is more of our standard draft style, with only three rounds, with a prize pack given for each round won.  New players, less comptetive players, kids and those with a little less time, the Kids & Casual is a great option.  For the kids who are up for 6 hours of playing, swimming with the big dogs, and who can keep up with the pace of more competitive play, they can join the more competitive event, go for the fewer, but bigger prizes.

Last time we sold out over a hundred slots more then two weeks before the event, and given the demand for people wanting to get just the guilds they are looking for, signing up early is a very, very good idea.  We are also adding a Sunday event for the first time.  First to sign up will get thier guild choices, after that guilds will be randomly assigned.

Cost: $30 per person until day before event ($35 at that point)

Format: Sealed (6 packs…make your best 40 card deck–As last time, there will be 5 packs of Gatecrash and one Guild specific pack and a guild specific promo card.) Sealed means everyone starts out with the same number of packs and will take about 23 of those 80+ card to buidl a deck (we provide lands to borrow, though if you have them to bring, we’ll give you an extra smile)

Games will go 4-5 rounds for the Competive group, with prize packs going to those who win at least 2 or 3 rounds depending on the number of players.   We will also have side by side with that, the Kids & Casual group- 3 rounds (win a round, win a pack.)  This is great for kids and people who are looking for a more casual day of fun.

WhenSaturday 10 and 4, Sunday at 11 and 3.   Players will all have about 1 hour to build decks and then the 3 rounds for the Kids & Casual should be done about 3 hours later. The competitive rounds will go about 4-5 hours after deck building, but those who don’t win more then two-three rounds will be playng for fun in the last couple of rounds.

The Guilds… (from Magic Wiki)

Orzhov: Treasury Thrull


Dimir: Consuming Aberration


Gruul: Rubblehulk


Boros: Foundry Champion


Simic: Fathom Mage


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