Two-Headed Giant Intro Deck Battle!

Theme Deck Two Headed Giant


We’ve never done this before!  🙂  In the great D20 tradition of weird/cool events, we are doing a special two-headed Giant where instead of the 60 cards each player from 4 packs, we’ll have 30 cards from two packs PLUS the 60 cards from one of the either Gatecrash or Return to Ravnica Intro decks.  Each player gets one of the intro decks with their two packs by pulling from a box at random and the two players make their best 40 card decks each from the combo.

This should be huge fun, and as always, limited by space, so sign up early.

When: Saturday April 2oth.  Get packs starting at 4, start play at 5:3o.

What: Two-headed giant team event.  Three rounds (one game each), win a round, win two packs for the team.

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