April 5, 2013

Pokemon Elite Box Tournament

Pokemon Elite Trainer box Tournament

Return of the Pokemon Elite Tournament….New date…4-20-13

Event: Sealed deck Pokemon Tournament

When: 4-20-13 at 11am

Cost: $40-includes Plasma Storm Elite Trainer Box

What:  Sealed Deck (Use the 7 packs included in the Elite Trainer box to build your best Pokemon Deck (40 card minimum)   One hour to build decks,  3 rounds of play and prizes for winning rounds.

Great for beginners and advanced players alike.  Limited to 34 players.

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Two-Headed Giant Intro Deck Battle!

Theme Deck Two Headed Giant


We’ve never done this before!  🙂  In the great D20 tradition of weird/cool events, we are doing a special two-headed Giant where instead of the 60 cards each player from 4 packs, we’ll have 30 cards from two packs PLUS the 60 cards from one of the either Gatecrash or Return to Ravnica Intro decks.  Each player gets one of the intro decks with their two packs by pulling from a box at random and the two players make their best 40 card decks each from the combo.

This should be huge fun, and as always, limited by space, so sign up early.

When: Saturday April 2oth.  Get packs starting at 4, start play at 5:3o.

What: Two-headed giant team event.  Three rounds (one game each), win a round, win two packs for the team.

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Special Magic Revised Box Draft at D20 Games Alameda

Ok…clearly we are out of our minds.  ;-).


UPDATE:  Date has been changed to June 29th (Sat).  We will close the store for the evening…only open to the players. (each player can invite a limted number of guests.)  

BONUS… Beta card draft based on who signs up first—-Beta Lands and Beta cards—We will put in 16 beta lands, and 12 beta commons into a drafting pool that will get table drafted based on the order that people sign up.beta lands

So when you find that incredibly rare bottle of wine…you want to get some people together who will appreciate as much and make a night of it…that is exactly what we are going to do with this.We’ve managed to get our hands on a factory sealed box of Revised, and in the grand tradition of D20 Games, and we’re drafting that sucker in what will be a unique trip back in time.

NOTE: For those of us who were around in the day, the fact that the packs were easy to peek, by sneaking up the back cards and holding the pack up to the light.  So old packs are almost never a good bet (even the most honest person holding  onto a pack for 20 years would have a hell of a time resisting taking a peek.)   So when we got a chance to get our hands on a factory sealed box, after taking a deep breath, we decided to go for it.  We are vouching for the box…if it ends up being a repacked job, everybody gets their money back, I get the cards and go off hunting the person who sold it to us.

It’s important that people who sign up for this are doing so for the fun of opening up the old packs, feeling those mint cards and the trip back in time. Don’t do it as an investment, or as a gamble counting on getting the high value cards to pay back the cost.  Do it for the joy of it and if you can afford it.

We’re going to draft the box and play with old school rules. That means mana burn, the old pre-stack damage rules,and just for pure fun, we’re bringing back Ante (though the Dual Lands will be excepted).

When: 6 pm, June 29th, 2013   We’re going to close the store for this one…

Cost: $150 per person.  Prize will be regular packs and some special promos.

LIMIT:  12 people..(Ok…11 since Ben, the store owner is clearly in on this one.)

Magic Guild Wars…Sealed Magic Tournament

D20 Games Magic Guild Wars

We managed to squirrel away enough of the speical boxes from the Gatecrash prerelease (these are the ones with the special promo cards and guild colored promo live dice), to run a very cool battle royal between three of the guilds.  Will it be the relentless attack of team Boros, the inevitable growth of Simic, or the sacrificial bursts of strength of Gruul?  Whichever team wins will add some very special promos and goodies to the usual prize packs for the individual winners.

What:  Single player Sealed competition (best 40 card minimum deck from the 6 packs that come in the prerelease packs)

When: Saturday 4/13/13.  Get boxes at 4, make decks and play at 5:30.

How much: $30 per player

Play 3 rounds with an extra round if needed to determine winner.  (Also…a possible final battle between the top players for each Guild for the honor of the clan-and an extra bonus promo)


[iframe  src=”http://www.eventbrite.com/tickets-external?eid=6152784143&ref=etckt&v=2″ frameborder=”0″ height=”214″ width=”100%” vspace=”0″ hspace=”0″ marginheight=”5″ marginwidth=”5″ scrolling=”auto” allowtransparency=”true”>

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