Magic Guild Wars…Sealed Magic Tournament

D20 Games Magic Guild Wars

We managed to squirrel away enough of the speical boxes from the Gatecrash prerelease (these are the ones with the special promo cards and guild colored promo live dice), to run a very cool battle royal between three of the guilds.  Will it be the relentless attack of team Boros, the inevitable growth of Simic, or the sacrificial bursts of strength of Gruul?  Whichever team wins will add some very special promos and goodies to the usual prize packs for the individual winners.

What:  Single player Sealed competition (best 40 card minimum deck from the 6 packs that come in the prerelease packs)

When: Saturday 4/13/13.  Get boxes at 4, make decks and play at 5:30.

How much: $30 per player

Play 3 rounds with an extra round if needed to determine winner.  (Also…a possible final battle between the top players for each Guild for the honor of the clan-and an extra bonus promo)


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