D20 Update-6-17-13

Foli Tarmagoyf and Regular Tarmagoyf from the same Pack


Fun weekend @ D20 Games. We had huge fun with the D&D Game day event.  We had about 20 players of all ages in 4 different groups all ended up converging on the final battle with the Dragon Lich.  We’ve had a number of requests to run it again, and we’re thinking about doing just that.  We also ran two extra Modern Mastesr’s Drafts and they continue to be big fun.  One of our regular fixtures at the store, Thomas, opened the best pack we’ve ever seen!!! (grr and grin at the same time…).

We are continuing to try and do our part toward an Unplugged Summer.  We’ve been getting in a bunch of great games, both for travel and for game nights. For example  we finally got Pandemic into stock.  This is a great co-op game with everybody against the (biological) clock in this race to keep the world safe from bugs of a different kind.

This weekend is the Vegas Grand Prix, so good luck to our D20 local players who are going!  But those of us left behind will have our own fun with the last Magic Guild Wars sealed event on Saturday @4.  This will be a 6 pack sealed, using the special guild packs from Dragon’s Maze, Gatecrash and Ravnica.  ($25 for DM, $30 for Gate and Ravnica).  Guild selection will be first reserved, first served, so sign up now.  Extra Bonus!!! Top two players will get the special Limited edition Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash Guild Clocks!!!

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