D20 Update–Happy 4th–(Closed for the day..open on the 5th..)


IMPT:::Closed on the 4th…(gonna take a day off and hang with the kidlets)


HOWEVER…we will be open on Friday for FNM for the second to last Return to Ravnica Block event before we start with Magic M14

  • The week of the 4th we will be Pokemon and Vanguard as usual, but NEXT week (the 13th and 14th) we will be totally dedicated to the Magic M14 Pre-release with events on Sat at 10 and 4 and Sunday at 11 and 3.
  • This Saturday (the 6th) we will have Date Night Magic if we have enough kids in town to do it…please call or email to hold spots and we’ll let you know if it is a go…However…we are also doing a very special event that night that the kids are welcome to join (though it is more $$ then standard Date Night Magic…
  • Speaking of which…. on Sat. night…first 2-headed Giant with Modern Masters.

Modern Masters Packs are in very short supply and therefore very expensive.  We’ve been doing a discount for the events to reward people who are playing.  But even that can be too much for some budgets, so we’ve decided to do something unusual to create a more (relatively speaking) budget option.

Standard  :  $50 pp, with each player getting 4 Modern Masters Packs (Normally $15 each)

Budget :  $25 PP, for 2 Modern Masters Packs, and 2 Modern Masters Repacks. (these will not have any $$ cards in them, but will have great cards to use to build decks.)

  • Sunday…Standard at  11:30 and Modern Masters Draft ($40) at 3
  • Next weekend (13-14th) Pre-release for M14…the return of the Slivers!!  Prerelease’s are great fun…get 6 packs of the new stuff (and a bonus special promo card, and

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