Magic M14 Events @D20 Games…



July 19th is the release date for the next set of Magic Cards, the Core 2014 (otherwise known as M14).


Events for the Pre-release for M14…the return of the Slivers!!


Prerelease’s are great fun…get 6 packs of the new stuff (and a bonus special promo card) a week before it ships.  Make your best 40 card deck and play for fun and prizes.  Each

time has both a Casual and Competitive group.  Casual plays 3 rounds for prizes, win a round and win a pack. Competitive plays for at least 4 rounds, where it takes at least two winning rounds to get even a single pack, but where the top players can end up with 8 or more packs, depending on how many players are in the group.  Even if you just end up playing for the fun, for the $25 entry fee, you end up with the 6 packs of cards that you get to start with to take home and its a good time.


Release Weekend

Friday Night Magic on July 19th will be the Release for M14 and we will Draft that night at 7.
Saturday, we will do a Sealed tournament at Noon, and a Two Headed Giant at 5:30 (Get packs at 4)
Sunday, we will be doing a Qualifier for the Oakland Grand Prix that will be a competitive level Sealed Event ($35 pp).  Everyone is free to try their hand, but it will be much more strict rules enforcement then at our casual events.

Game Day

Game Day for M14 will be on Saturday and Sunday, August 11th and 12th.  As usual, this will be a standard format event.