D20 Weekly updates-11/7/13

  • Recommendations for Thanksgiving family games comingmeloetta-ex
  • Black Friday sale, starting at 10
  • Two-Headed Giants now EVERY Sat. (except the first of the month–date night)
  • New Pokemon–Legendary Treasures, out on Friday…
  • How to Play Magic at the Lib. on Monday the 25th @ 1 pm
Recommendations for Thanksgiving Family Games…So as Thanksgiving approaches, we’ve started laying in our recommendations for great family games that work for different groups.  We will be putting it up shortly, but no question that Cover Your Assets is at the top of that list. We will also put out a collection of Pre-owned games that we have been building up for just such a purpose.
Black Friday Sale starting at 10am...We will also be doing a serious Black Friday Sale, so come and support your friendly neighborhood businesses, and we’ll try and blend some great sales with love and care and see if we can’t help people feel good about shopping local. 😉
Two-Headed Giants Now every Saturday (except the first):  Bowing to popular demand we are going to be doing the exceedingly popular Two-headed Giants every week, instead of a couple of times a month.  The only exception will be the first Saturday of the month that is dedicated to Date Night Magic (plus other special events when we can).  $17.50 pp (4 packs) unless it is a special event with older, more valuable sets.   We will be bringing back the mystery box for the two headed Giant on the weekend of Thanksgiving…each player reaches into the box for a surprise intro pack (intro deck plus two packs from that set).  The two players blend the two intros together to make their decks…last time we did this it was a TON of fun.
New Pokemon set, Legendary Treasures comes out on Friday.  This set has a ton of great cards in it and people were really loving it.  Packs are $4 each (buy 6 get one free) or $119 for a box of 36 (a $25 savings).
How to Play Magic Class at the Lib.  On Mon. the 25th (first day of Thanksgiving Vacation for most kids) the Main Lib. is hosting a How to Play Magic that is being run by yours truly.  We will provide the decks to use, and this is a great way to get to figure things out without any pressure. The ages for this are ~10-14, though parents who want to come along are welcome to join in.
Come on Over to Play,

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