Time for a Conspiracy (Magic Conspiracy Drafts)

You can’t have a good conspiracy on your own.  And that is the secret sauce to the special Magic set , coming out on June 6th.  This draft -centric, multi-player set is all about what we can do for, er, to each other.   This is a special set, much like Modern Masters, with limited initial qualities, though they say that there will be some reprinting after (we are being wary..squirreling away our boxes to let people play with until we know the score.)

We will be drafting this like crazy on that first weekend, and will do it regularly afterwords.  Drafts will be $20 pp, with each player getting at least one prize pack, and the top two players getting a free entry into the next draft (or 3 prize packs.)

Lore Seeker…get to go and add a Worldwake booster to the draft?

Messing with a Draft: Drafting is one of the most fun things you can do in magic. And this set takes the standard “get 3 packs, open 1, pick a card and pass to the left/right” and tosses it in the blender.  One of our customers described it beautifully by saying that it “broke the 4th wall” of a draft, and I think that’s true. In this set, there are cards that start the game during the draft itself, letting people mess with each other as the draft is going on.  (BTW…all Conspiracy drafts are casual format–will of WOTC.)

King of the Hill: Conspiracy is designed to play very differently.  When a 8 (or 6) person draft is done, the players are broken into two random groups, and the winner is the last one standing.  Most of the drafts we will do will have everyone getting a single bonus prize pack, and the top player in each of the pods, getting the chance to keep on drafting with a free entry into the next draft ( or 3 prize packs).  There is the draft and one big multiplayer game, and then the next draft.  Kind of cool…that way you are playing to build up your collection, rather then just buying packs.  (Packs will cost minimum of $5, so the draft is a great way to go.)

And the winner is….

Democracy and Conspiracy?  Sure…these have always been strange and familiar bedfellows. There cards in the set that have effects where the players put what is going to happen next up to a vote!?!?!

More info on the different Mechanics (from the Wizards of the Coast website)

Table of Contents
How the drafting works (differently) with this set
Cards that messes with the drafts
These are permanents that affect what goes on with the way the game is played (like who goes first or letting everybody draw a whole second hand and then chose which one to play with….)
These are conspiracies that are played in secret (ie face down) revealed whenever the controlling player feels is the right time.
To even things out, this ability triggers whenever someone attacks the player with the most life, or tied with the most life.
Everybody gets a vote on this one (sometimes more then one….)

With this ability everybody reveals the top card of their library, then whoever did it gets some benefit from what is revealed, but EVERYBODY gets to draw a card at the end.  A good parley is good for everybody.

More as we get it…


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