D20 is Moving! 1405 Encinal Ave.

 D20 1405 Mockup

Update….we ARE at the new store….sorry about being radio silent…working like a pooch all week to get the move to happen…

This week-4-15-14—we’re open for biz, and getting everything unpacked.  Keep eyes on this space for new updates for the grand opening events in May…

NEW Location….  (NOT an April Fools Joke…this is for real.) Map to new store

 So .as many of you know, our sucess has been slowly squishing us, and for a while we’ve had our eye out for a new location with some more elbow room.  Well, yay!! We found one.  Here is the FAQ about it.
  • When are you moving:  In progress at this point but targeting to do soft open at the new space on Friday, April 3rd.–Update–Open at new store now!
  • Where is it:  Still in Alameda…on Encinal right by where it intersects with Central (near Franklin School).
  • Why are you moving?:  Space, We need some elbow room, Our sucess has been hurting us in a strange way.  The more people that come to the events, the more squished it gets.  Where our current space lets us pack in about 4o people, The new space will eventually let us have near 7o people with LOTs more comfortable space.   AND, we’ve been wanting for a while to start building a Maker space,
  • Good parking areas

    Is there parking?:  Yep…free(!!!) street parking in front and across the street, and when school is out, all the spaces around Franklin school and park are open and fair game.  (map to follow)

  • Are you worried about leaving Park Street?  A little bit.  We are giving up some walk in traffic in exchange for more breathing space and the chance to run a Lot more events.

Keep watching the site and the twitter feed if you want to see the work in progress.

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