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Completing the Big move for D20


Upddate…getting in and getting closer…about to announce the Grand reopening plans..

In the meantime…TWG is on for 5/9/15…

Hey Folks,

I’m finally coming out of the sleep deprived haze from last week.  We’ve been working like proverbial pooches (a fairly strange expression, btw…eager-sure, loveable-why not, face licking-check, but given the lack of fields or sheep in the area, very few of our pups are defined by their extreme work ethic), to get the big move done on both ends.
So far…

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Move out–big check.

Move in–mostly big check.  (All the stuff is here…but getting it unpacked and on display correctly….that is a still very much a work in progress.)

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We are open for business in the new location…but our big grand opening will start next month.  Keep an eye on the site for the super secret updates…


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