The Great AC fundraiser….We get cool!

For those of you who have been to the new store, you know it is great, but has one big flaw….in the immortal words of Kiss Me Kate….It gets Too Darn Hot.  We are looking to be both green and cool blue by putting in solar power on the roof to get the temp to stay as cool as our players.

So, since running a game store is more of a public service then a fountain of excess cash, we are reaching out to our community to raise what we need to get this problem fixed for all of us.

First thing we are doing is we have a real (and soon virtual) donation jar in the store.  Were giving people tickets to thank them for their donations, and I’m going to kick in some good stuff based on how much we raise.   The drawing to give away the goodies will be Aug 23rd (Ben’s Birthday).  Here is a partial list of what we will contributed to the thank you gift drawing.  $1-1 ticket, $5-6 tickets, $10-15  tickets,  $20-35 tickets, and $50 or above will get you double tickets.


Amount Raised Item(s) Added Met?

From the Vault: Angels (1)

Pokemon Charizard EX Box


From the Vault Annihilation (1)

From the Vault Angels(1)

Pokemon Mega Absol Ex Box


Dragon’s of Tarkir Release box (2)

From the Vault Annihilation (1)

Commander Decks (3)

Pokemon Tin (choose from any we have)

Free Drafts (3)


From the Vault Angels (1)

Commanders (3)

Pokemon Ex or Mega of your choice from what is in stock

$1000 Birthday party for 6 kids ($250 value)
more TBA

Dual Deck Anthologies (1)

From the Vault Annihilation (1)

From the Vault Angels(1)

More TBA

$2000 Garruk’s Axe!!