Screen Free Week-May 2-8th

D20 Challenge---can you get your parents to go a whole week without screens? (No TV, Videogames, social media, or anything else that sticks noses into screens. ) Work and homework onscreen ONLY as REALLY needed! Free Magic/Pokemon packs for completing the challenge.

It’s back…Screen Free week 2016!! See what happens when the tv’s, ipads, phones, and computers go into storage for a week, and what’s left.  Read more about this in The Case for Being Bored and the Case for Family Game Night

The Screen Free Week Challenge:screen free week 2016

  • Get your family to go the week without (non-work) screen-time
  • get a FREE magic or Pokemon Pack (Max 2 per family)–Have a family game night and get 2!!

The Challenge:  Get your family to go one full week screen free!  (no videos, video games or computers except for work/homework, or phones except for, well, phone stuff-talking with each other.

The Prize:  I will give away 100 free Pokemon or Magic Packs for parent-verified kids who make it through the whole week screen free. (or $5 off any game more then $20 for people who don’t play the collectible card games.)  I will give double packs to any kids of families who have a family game night on one of those nights, particularly if the family are all good sports!.

 I know this is hard, super hard.  With the screens and devices, we’ve all gotten great at avoiding the feeling of being bored.  But bored is very important.  Bored is a gift that creates an itch to find something else to do.

 And without the screens, that means books, games, drawing, writing, playing or just having fun with each other.  My family and I did this a few years ago, and after a couple of very uncomfortable days, we found that we were starting to have a really good time, both on our own and with each other, and the kids actually wanted us to do it more.  Of course, it’s very hard to remember that now, so it is going be just as hard for us.

This is a big one for me (and I am a Dad, so I know the struggle).  Try and see if you can do a screen free week next week.  It’s amazing what happens when you shut the screens off, let boredom take hold for a little bit and then reach out to see what you can find to fill that void.  I  know I’m the game guy, and I would love to see parents commit to coming home and clearing the space one night next week to do a family game night. But outside of that, just see what it feels like to do some of the things there never seems to be time to do.

To do my part in this…I’m going to have a sheet in the store, and one to print online that is a pledge/verification card that will also include a place to list all the things you got to do during that time, and any family that can make it through the week with no video, computer games, ipad or other non-work related screen time, I will give them a gift of a free pack of either Pokemon or Magic, or a $5 off coupon for any game that is $19.99 or more for the first 100 kids (no more then 1 per family.  If there are more then one…I’ll give the parents a chance to by more at 1/2 off.)    (Parents, I’m counting on you to make this honest.  Parents will need to come in with the kids and the filled out form between May 13th-23rd)

The D20 Screen Free Week Pledge Card.
The D20 Screen Free Week Pledge Card.

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