D20 Holiday Sales -Thanks-GIVING sale and Loot bags are back and…

This holiday we are doing three things.

  1. The return of our Giving Sale (buy and we donate games to the Midway Woman’s Shelter*.
  2. Mystery Loot Bags are back, and full of better stuff than ever.  We got a bunch of great games from some of the stores that weren’t able to hang on by their fingers through covid that will go into making some truly great  game loot bags, either at $60 or $100 each.  Magic and D&D loot bags as well…check this space for more
  3. Special prices on selected great board games In Store…
  • Gloomhaven $89.99 down from $139.99
  • Stuffed Fables -$49.00 (down from $69.99)
  • Lord of the Rings: Journeys into Middle Earth-$79.99 (Down from $99.99)

All deals are limited in number, not so much on time…they will be good through Dec 17th

Holiday Games

(*Many women need to leave in the middle of the night, often grabbing what they can.  We find games that will be good for giving some mental respite and mabye a bit of fun for families in a frequently intensely tough situation. )

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