Special Holiday hours (kid free late and early times..)

Here are our hours for holiday shopping for the next two weeks (So you can sneak out when the kids aren’t around):

(The following are the minimum hours we will be open…but we’ll probably be open more hour, just cause)

Monday 12th-19th, 11-4 (yep, open on Mondays for the next couple of weeks)

Tues-Thurs., 8th-22nd, 11-9 (bonus on Fri the 16th –8:15-10 for after school drop off)

Fridays 9th & 23rd, 11-10

Saturdays 10th & 17 th, 10-7

Sundays 11th & 18th, 10-8

X-mas Eve the 24th, 9-4

Xmas Day, the 25th, Closed

We have some serious sales that are going on still (till the 19th).




























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