Return of The Great “Givings” Sale-(+ holiday what, when, why)

Reasons to get one more gift from yer friendly neighborhood game store, (this one for the family):

  1. Get and give time with each other with @#%#ing screens in a bucket.  Give this gift with the “contract” to do regular family game night. All cell phones get put in a basket with “don’t bug me, I’m having fun” notification on. (Ok…that isn’t a thing, but it should be.)
  2. Still have a few great deals going on.  (Bunch of good stuff from 30-50% off, or the famous 3 d6 discount for most anything not on sale)
  3. Do some extra credit good. We are again doing the Holiday Givings Sale.  You can swap the discount you might give for a larger amount of goodies going to the Midway Shelter for families that are escaping very bad situations so they can have some fun/bonding in a very scary time.
  4. Do extra, extra credit good…local shop really, really  needs the business. I know, we are past the big pandemic emergency time, but for a lot of businesses, like ours, this is where it gets extra hard. The supports are all gone, but folks like us that are dedicated to getting people face to face, are one of the last kinds of businesses that are recovering.  We are at about 1/3 of the people coming for events that we had pre-pandemic, and are in an even bigger squeeze with the costs of what we sell going up at the same time as the prices on Amazon are going down.  (We recently bought some games on sale at Amazon because they were below what we pay for them wholesale.  Eep.)   We don’t/can’t charge for kindness, or for creating a safe and supportive place for folks (kids and other) to get together and find their people. I have done this all these years much more as an active of community/love then the big $$$ (especially in the last few years). And I’ll keep doing it as long as I can.  Many, many of you have supported us in ways that have meant more to me than I can even come close to expressing.  It means everything to me in terms of the business.
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Investing in Face to face (vs face to screen:
As we find our kids (and ourselves) getting more and more drawn into the siren’s call of the screens, it requires more and more effort to establish the patterns of seeing the smiles in each other’s eyes, not the emoji’s of them, of actually LOL (you know laughing out loud is actually better when it’s, well, out loud.).  I know I own a game shop, and my job is to sell games, but the real reason I like it is because games are a great excuse for people to connect with each other.
For parents, the sooner you can establish the regular game night, the more it will weather through the great cell battle to come.  And a big recommendation on my part is that you get a bucket/basket and make a big deal of dropping your phones in before you start. (set up an auto-response or send out a message to those trying to get through to you that you are offline except for emergencies during that time.  It’s the best way to model that there are times when it’s ok to let the flow of social media know that you are out of touch for a little bit.  It will pay off later.)  We have a bunch of games that are co-op…i.e. everybody together against the game that are good for different ages playing together.  And one of the best thing is one of the Legacy games.  These are board games that actually change with what happens every-time you play, so instead of “what will we play tonight” it becomes “what is gonna happen next?”.  A lot of these games work great for couples too.

We don’t tend to stock a million games, but we are pretty careful about the ones we pick and we have a number that we are putting in the spotlight this year that we stocked up on.

Advice gift guide for Magic/pokemon















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