About the Roleplay Workshop…

UPDATE…the test we did for this went great…so well we are looking to do it as an after school thing, starting with Tuesdays and expanding from there.  Contact us if you are interested, since the number of kids will be limited to 6 per group.

Roleplay Workshop has been running an extremely cool  D&D style after-school program for over 10 years in Oakland at Dr. Comics and Mr. Games.  We’ve been talking to them about running a program in Alameda as well and have convinced them to run a couple of sneak peeks for us to give the folks in Alameda a chance to see what the program is like.   The program was created by Becky Thomas, an ex-teacher with a background in Zoology (as well active in martial arts) and builds on the fun of D&D by weaving in learning elements, both logical and social into the play.

When:  Tuesdays from 3:30 to 6 (come straight after school) Starting as soon as it fills or Jan 22nd at the latest

How much: $15/hour-(37.50 per day).  Note: Discounts for hours purchased in blocks ($14/hour for 25 or more hours, and $12 for 50 or more hours).  She runs other events in Piedmont and as we move forward, will add more regular days. So if you do it on a regular basis, it ends up at $24 per 2 1/2 hour session.

What ages/who is it for: 10-13 year-olds who like role playing games.  The game will be fun and engaging, but if they don’t like the idea of creating and playing characters, they probably shouldn’t do this.

EXTREMELY LIMITED ENROLLMENT:  Each table will be fore a Maximum 6 kids total

Is this run by D20?:  This will be a Roleplay Workshop run event, using our space.,  (We are doing the same thing Dr. Comics does and providing the safe space for them to work, though Ben will be on hand to observe and learn for most of the day. ) We have done enough checking to feel comfortable with having them here, and we approached them to do so.  If this works out, we hope to do this on a regular basis after the holidays, including doing a few days after school.  Having said that, here are comments and information about Rebecca and the program from established and reputable web sources.

About Rebecca and Roleplay Workshop.

From Berkeley Parents Network:

My 13 year old son has been going to Abantey for 2 or so years. He goes during spring and winter break from school and as many weeks as he can during the summer (when he’s not at sleepaway camp and we’re not on vacation). He LOVES it. It is role play games…it is also learning math, learning about human character, how to become a better person….what do you have to do to evolve to another level…I actually don’t really understand it fully…I think you have to do it to understand it. My son spends time working in his Abantey workbook at home, he has discussions with his other Abantey friends about the different beings and characters they’ve come up with….I believe it helps him do real life problem solving. Becky Thomas, the creator of Abantey is wonderful.

From their Yelp Listing.

“Since 1989, we have offered the unique Abantey roleplay programs for youth, promoting student self esteem, problem solving skills, creativity and social skills. The program uses an interactive storytelling game to teach real life skills in a creative, imaginary setting. Participants work together to solve dilemmas using logic and common sense, learning math, sciences and ethics along the way. The program is ultimately about teaching young adults personal responsibility. Workshops are led by an adult game master providing a supportive mentoring environment, experienced with a variety of learning styles, including special needs.


Established in 1989

While teaching at Archway School in Oakland, I designed the Abantey game. Students and parents asked me to run a summer camp in 1989. It was a success and I expanded to after school and school holiday programs. In 1993, I quit teaching and founded the Roleplay Workshop.

Role playing fosters abstract thinking and teaches math and statistics. It encourages cooperative problem solving, as players work together to solve mysteries with logic, common sense, and intuition. They learn sciences, philosophy and ethics in a supportive and fun environment. Ultimately, we help youth learn to take personal responsibility for chosen actions.

Meet the Business Owner: Rebecca T.

I received a Bachelors of Sciences in Zoology in 1982 at the University of Michigan. I spent the next year in the Philippines. My experiences there provided much of the complexity found in the world of Abantey. After I returned, I began graduate work at SFSU. In 1988 I was credentialed in General Science, Life Science, Physics and Psychology.

After teaching for 3 years at Archway School in Oakland, I began The Roleplay Workshop. I still work with Archway School, running special Abantey programming for them, as well as teaching the occasional class.

Outside of running the business and working with kids, I train in martial arts, love to read science fiction and am a great fan of action and science fiction movies!