Standard Sundays @ D20 Games

MtG_LogoWhat:  Standard Format Magic Tournament

When: Sundays @ 12 pm   (3-5 rounds depending on the number of players)

Cost: $5 with one pack per player added to the prize pool

Standard format is a 60 card deck comprised of cards from the last block, the current block and the current core set (Currently Innistrad, Dark Ascension  Avacyn Restored, M13, Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash.)  No more then 4 of the same cards per deck except basic lands.  Sideboard must consist of 15 cards.  Rounds are 50 minutes.

These are competitive events, but we are still D20, so we tend to approach any issues and all game play with a sense of humor and fun.  (Remembering…it is, well, a game.)