Older Brother explains a move to Grampa As Grandson Waits to chime in.

D20 Games Weekly Update 9/14/11: Great Kid Parent event and what’s up…

Mom playing in D20 Games first Parent/Kid Magic the Gathering Tournament
D20 Game's first Parent Child Two-Headed Giant Event included a lot of Moms

UPDATE…HOLDING OFF ONE WEEK ON YUGIOH DATE NIGHT ON SATURDAY…(our organizer will be at the Yugioh Regionals)…Also…we will be sponsoring our local team at Regionals…Go get ’em guys!

  • Saturday’s Parent Kid Draft was huge success! As was Sunday’s Yugioh Master’s event. 😉  Both Will Be back!
  • Good luck to our Yugioh Masters at Regionals this weekend!! (Come on back and tell us how you did.)
  • Back to Full Yugioh Status, one week or so from Magic Core store…(fingers crossed.–That means more product and better events.
  • Weds, Open play for one more week…
  • Thursday: New Player, New game night…
  • Friday-Date Night Magic (9-14 year olds, 5:30 for game start, 5 if you want pizza-$15* for draft only, 20 with pizza) and Friday Magic Draft (6:15-6:30 Start $15*)
  • Sat: Casual Modern Magic at 1:30, and  NEW Date Night Magic & –UPDATE…Holding off on Yugioh for a week since our Yugioh organizer will be at regionals on Saturday….Date Night Yugioh (ages 9-14 for both…) 5, with food, 5:30 Start times. $15 for magic (Draft…no decks needed), $10 for Yugioh players (bring their own decks, free sleeves or deck box included.)  Pizza and a drink is $5 more.
  • Sunday: Master’s Yugioh Tournament 1:00 ($10* Entry, another big prize).  Journeyman (beginners and kids-no entry, small prizes)
*Still doing $5 tournament entry credits for every purchase of at least $20

Going to the Distributors today…will have new stock on Yugioh Sleeves, the Ajani vs. Nicol Bolis Decks and will be getting a few more of the Yugioh 2011 Wave 1 Collectors tins, hopefully in time for Regionals.


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