9-28 Weekly Update: Innistrad Launch Party this Sat, & Friday Draft!!!

Check the moon, because this week the werewolves and vampires are out with the new Innistrad MTG set. D20 Games will be starting off with our Friday Night Drafts using the new set, as well as hosting a huge Innistrad Launch Party on Saturday.  Saturday’s event will be a 6-pack sealed deck tournament ($25 entry fee), with a special promo card for the first 30 registered.  We will be doing two times so everyone can make it, the first at 12 noon (an early opening this week at 11:30), and the second at 6:00 p.m. Lots of rounds and lots of great prizes!!  Remember, every purchase of greater then $20 gets a discounted entry fee, so make sure to let us take care of your Innistrad needs. This is the first time in many, many years that the creator of Magic, Richard Garfield, has been back to work on the game and man is it fun!  One of the particularly cool new additions for the set is Transform, special two sided cards that are in each new pack, that can transform from one creature to it’s counterpart.  We’ve been playing it this week from the prerelease and it’s the most fun set in a while.

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