D20 Games Weekly Update: LOTS of events…Parent-kid magic Sat, Prep for Yugioh Regionals…Magic World Champs in SF In Nov…

Hey Folks.   We have a bunch of good stuff coming up, both on the Yugioh and Magic side.

  • Mondays: EDH Play
  • Weds: Magic Modern format, Yugioh Dragon Duels (both based on interest)
  • Thursday: Magic Standard Format
  • Friday: Date Night Magic & FNM and ($15 w/sleeves or Deck box)
  • Saturday: Two-headed Giant 1:00 (Start playing at 2:30 with deck building before that for those who are finishing up with soccer and such…this is one of the few tournament types where it’s ok to come in a bit later…just have less time to build decks..  (Parent-Kid & Standard Team…$17.50  pp w/o sleeves, $20 with)
  • Sunday: Masters Yugioh @ 1:30.  $5 with special bonus event packs!, Duelist League for 14 and Younger at 2:30.  Also $5 with special bonus Event packs and special prize cards for hte kids.

On the Yugioh side, for our masters, we have  the next regionals coming up on Saturday so come on down and get those decks ready for action.  For the next 3 days, we bring back the 3 for $90 price on the Legendary Collection 2 prices.  We also got in the special event packs for both the Masters and Duelist League for entry  bonuses.

On the Magic side, there is a huge event coming up next month.  The Magic World Championships is going to be in San Francisco  Nov. 17th-20th.  Word is this is the last time the public will be allowed to view and it is in our back yard. There will also be a number of great Public events, some with the possibility of getting invited to the next regional competition.  In anticipation, we are going to be running weekly Modern and Standard events to start getting those decks tweaked out for play.

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