D20 Games Magic Events: Dark Ascension for sale on the 3rd, Release Party on Sat. the 4th.

The New Sorin from Dark Ascension!!
              • Thursday 8pm Draft leading up to Midnight Dark Ascension Release Box opening. Open from Midnight to 1 a.m. Draft is $15 or free with the purchase of a DA box.
                Box Price: $110 w/$10 event credit or free Thursday draft
              • Friday
                • Dark Ascension available for sale!!!
                  • Packs-$4 each..buy 6 get one free
                  • Box/play-mat combo bundle-$165–$125
                  • Fat Packs!! $40 each…get ’em before they’re gone (Free Deck box, Sleeves or extra pack or $5 credit.
                • Friday Night Magic
                  • 6:15-6:30…$15.    Triple DA!!
                  • 8 p.m.  Double speed drafts till we drop. 😉  (double speed deck building, double speed rounds…don’t just get cards, play with ’em)
              • Sat 2/4 Dark Ascension Release Party : 3:30-5-deck building, 5:30-10 4 rounds. Entry fee is $25 and is a sealed deck, which means you get 6 packs and get to make the best deck you can.  BONUS-Register this deck for the Monday and Weds League play events for free.  Registration will require separate $25 purchase.
              • The Release party will replace Date Night Magic one more time and then back to regular schedule.  Kids will play in their own pod in the release party (more fun for them, more fun for the adult players)


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