Pokemon League 11am Saturdays


Pokemon League: Saturday at 11am-1pm
Every Week–Pokemon league.  😉 This has been going SUPER well.  We have a great group of players showing up and lots of fun being had by players from young to full on adult.

Players of all experience levels (and ages) are invited to come down and find other like-minded players ready for a game, trading or a bit of both.  Players get a special check card and for every set of games they play and get signed off they earn their way to fun prizes like special cards and patches.  Winning and losing dosen’t matter, and in fact, when the more experienced players help the newer players learn how to play, they get extra checks for it, so they are egar to help out.  Entry fee is $5 and includes a booster pack.


Pokemon League Scorecard Inside



Here is a link to the Pokemon website with all the info about league play..

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