January 29, 2013

Two-Headed Giant


When: Sat 4:00 to get packs, 5:45 to play.

How much; $17.50 per player.

Two headed giant with 4 Ravnica and 4 Gatecrash!   The last few of these have sold out, so to guarantee a spot, either come on in and register or sign up on line.

This is a ton of fun and best way EVER for bringing in people who haven’t felt comfortable playing before.  It works great for significant others, buddies who want to check it out, or just friends who want to play.

(It is particularly great for Moms or Dads who want to have a really cool date night with their kids. This event is a GREAT way for parents to figure out what this thing the kids are doing is anyway, and for the kids to get a chance to be the ones who know what is going on for a change.  😉 Because you play as a team and can help each other out, the kid gets to be the smart one for a change, and the parent gets to play without needing to worry about “doing it wrong”.  Also…very fun to play together against another team.)

Upcoming time:  Sat. 3/30/13 at 4 pm (start getting packs to build decks)

Play games starting at 5:30 (ish)

Frequently asked Questions

What is it?: Two-Headed Giant Magic Tournament. (Two players on the same team, sharing life and playing in parallel against other teams of players)

Do I need to know what I’m doing?: Since both players play at the same time and can show each other their cards, as long as one of the two players knows what they are doing, nothing is required of the other player.  It is the best, most fun way to learn the game.

Do we need to make and bring our own decks? Nope.  This is what is called a sealed deck tournament, which basically means that each team gets a fixed number of packs (8) of Magic cards to build the two decks used to play in the tournament.

How much does it cost? $17.50 per person which includes 4 packs ($20 including sleeves)

When is is and how long does it go?  It starts at 4 and the last match will end by 9:30. (No, you don’t have to stay for all the matches.)


Sell Tickets Online through Eventbritewww.alameda.com 510-522-2109.MTG, Magic the Gathering, Friday Night Magic, FNM


Gamecrash Game Day Event @ D20 Games in Alameda


Cost: $5 entry

Time: Saturday, Feb 23rd at 10am

Sunday, Feb 24th at 12 (noon)

Format: Standard



Gatecrash Game Day full Art card for all players

The Standard format uses only the newest sets the game has to offer. The current block, the block that was released the previous fall, and the most recent core set are all legal to play in a Standard deck. The following sets are Standard legal: Innistrad, Dark Ascension, Avacyn Restored, Magic 2013, Return to Ravnica and GateCrash

For more information on Standard, click here.

In addition, the first place winner of Gatecrash  Game Day will receive an exclusive Playmat. (Source-Wizards of the Coast website)


Gatecrash Game Day Playmat

Gatecrash League @ D20 Games Alameda


Welcome to the Gatecrash League @ D20 Games in Alameda,

NEW…Top player in Kids and in Adults each week gets a bonus pack on the next Weds. Also…each week you complete 3 matches with different people, the player will get a guild sticker. Completing all 5 guild stickers in their Guild pass will also be good for a bonus pack.

What is it:  The league is ongoing casual ongoing Magic play designed for fun and to have time to get much better at playing.  Games can be played in the store or whenever two league players want. This one is great for both advanced players and those who are trying to get back into or get to know the game.  With lots of time to build decks, as well as a bunch of other players who will help each other get better, this has ended up being a lot of good natured fun.  Because of the format, everyone pretty much has an even chance from the beginning  and to be honest, opening our league packs is the most fun pack each week.  For the cost, it is the most joy per $ of anything in the store.  Since players find each other during the league times, it is no problem to drop in and out, so it works well for those who need the game to fit their schedule, not the other way around.

When: Formal League days are Weds, but matches may be played any time during the week.  Match results for each week must be received by the following Weds.  Kids league is from opening until 5:30, adults go from 4:30 or so, until we close. Gatecrash league starts on Feb 1st, with each Weds being the beginning of the next new week.

Cost: League costs $25 to enter (includes 6 packs) and $5 each week, including a pack for that week. (People buying fat-packs or boxes may opt to use 6 packs as long as permission is granted from staff.)

Format: Ongoing Sealed

  • Start with 6 packs to build decks from, and get to add one pack per week
  • Packs must be opened in the store and the contents added to a deck list that is kept in the store.


  • Each player can play up to 5 matches with other different members of the league each week.  (Matches beyond 5 will not count in that week)
  • Each player in a match will get 1 point just for playing, and the winner will get 2 bonus points in addition for a total of 3.
  • It is good sportsmanship to accept a match challenge from anyone in the league provided both players have enough time.
  • Matches may be continued over more then one day if there is not enough time to complete all the games at once, though an incomplete game is considered a draw game (it can be played over if both players choose.)
  • As long as one game is completed, both players will get the minimum 1 point.
  • Slips MUST be turned in with both players names clearly printed and the date written.

Standings and Prizes:

  • NEW…Top player in Kids and in Adults each week gets a bonus pack on the next Weds. Also…each week you complete 3 matches with different people, the player will get a guild sticker. Completing all 5 guild stickers in their Guild pass will also be good for a bonus pack.
  • Since we are not charging much more then the cost of the packs, prizes will be more in the fun and pride side then high value.
  • Standings will be posted each week on the website as soon as I can figure out how. 😉
  • At the end of the time the point totals will be added up and there will be a playoff with the top 8 players with prizes for those players.  And more importantly, they will get the chance to win one of our major titles.  (Look for announcements for special events for these major players.)

As with most of our events, the goal is to play and have fun.  Everyone has a better time when we help each other out, pointing out missed triggers and plays so that we win by being the better players rather then by catching an opponent doing a dumb mistake or by not knowing how some part of the game works.

League FAQ

Do I have to play in the store on League days? No, league games can be played anytime during the week and anywhere you find another player.

Why is this more fun than just playing with the decks I have already?  The League is one of the best ways to really learn how to play and how to REALLY build your own decks and combos, not just buying premade decks or building a deck that someone else came up with on the internet.  You make the best deck(s) you can with whatever the packs bring you, and by the end, that will be a lot.  Whatever surprising and cool combos you come up with will be because of the thinking you do and the help you get from other league members.

How many packs do we get and what packs can we choose from? To start, each player gets 6 packs and then at the beginning of each new week, they can add one more into their card pool.

How big does my deck need to be and do I only get to make one deck? Because this is a sealed type event, minimum deck size is 40 cards, not 60, so you want to shoot for ~your 23 best cards and about 17 lands.  As you get more cards added, it is very common to be able to build 2 or 3 possible decks.  Your sideboard in this type of event is all of your cards from the league, so you can not only switch cards, you can switch whole decks in-between each play.

Can I use my own cards?   No, each player starts with 6 packs that they record on the card sheet that gets left with the league administrator.  The only cards you add will be the new packs for each new week, and whatever lands you need.

Why can’t I use my own cards? Part of the idea of the league is to make sure everyone starts out with equal chances. It turns out to actually a lot more fun that way. Over time, as more and more packs get added, the randomness of the luck will get evened out and it will be all about what you can do with what you have.

Why do we mark the cards on the league sheet? To keep it fair and make sure people don’t get tempted to sneak in cards that they got from other sources.  That would be a crumby thing to do and would spoil a lot of the fun (and challenge of the league.)

How many times do I play each week? You can play up to 6 matches that are official each week and nothing stops you from playing more for fun.  League result slips signed by both players, with names and date clearly printed must be turned in each week to the tournament organizer.

Do I have to join at the very beginning? And what if I’m not going to be around a bunch of the time?  The league goes the whole summer and you can join in at any time.  Since it is primarily for fun, it’s fine if you are gone away for a week or two (or more).  When you get back, you can get your missing packs and come on back in and play.

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