Two-Headed Giant


When: Sat 4:00 to get packs, 5:45 to play.

How much; $17.50 per player.

Two headed giant with 4 Ravnica and 4 Gatecrash!   The last few of these have sold out, so to guarantee a spot, either come on in and register or sign up on line.

This is a ton of fun and best way EVER for bringing in people who haven’t felt comfortable playing before.  It works great for significant others, buddies who want to check it out, or just friends who want to play.

(It is particularly great for Moms or Dads who want to have a really cool date night with their kids. This event is a GREAT way for parents to figure out what this thing the kids are doing is anyway, and for the kids to get a chance to be the ones who know what is going on for a change.  😉 Because you play as a team and can help each other out, the kid gets to be the smart one for a change, and the parent gets to play without needing to worry about “doing it wrong”.  Also…very fun to play together against another team.)

Upcoming time:  Sat. 3/30/13 at 4 pm (start getting packs to build decks)

Play games starting at 5:30 (ish)

Frequently asked Questions

What is it?: Two-Headed Giant Magic Tournament. (Two players on the same team, sharing life and playing in parallel against other teams of players)

Do I need to know what I’m doing?: Since both players play at the same time and can show each other their cards, as long as one of the two players knows what they are doing, nothing is required of the other player.  It is the best, most fun way to learn the game.

Do we need to make and bring our own decks? Nope.  This is what is called a sealed deck tournament, which basically means that each team gets a fixed number of packs (8) of Magic cards to build the two decks used to play in the tournament.

How much does it cost? $17.50 per person which includes 4 packs ($20 including sleeves)

When is is and how long does it go?  It starts at 4 and the last match will end by 9:30. (No, you don’t have to stay for all the matches.)


Sell Tickets Online through 510-522-2109.MTG, Magic the Gathering, Friday Night Magic, FNM


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