What’s happening @ D20 6-11-13

  • Still looking for a few more good DM’sSat June 15th is Free RPG day at the store,  in addition to giving out a bunch of free RPG goodies, we will be Running D& to a 3-8 table joint adventure…but we need some good DM’s to help us out—So far we can run 3 tables but we’re looking for a few more.
  • Modern Masters has been SO FUN!!!  The drafts are expensive (Going to $38) but it has been a blast to draft, even for those of us who didn’t know the cards.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT-Introducing Modern Masters Peasant Cube!?!?! We were struggling with a way to let the kids and those of less means to get in on the fun and came up with a great idea.  We’re going to start doing a “Peasant” Cube with prizes.  This is a draft where you don’t keep the cards, but can win prize packs for $6! (win a round win a regular pack.)
  • Taking reservations for the first (and only) Revised Box Draft –Yep…we are doing the most over the top draft ever…a factory sealed box of Revised.  Cost is $150 per person to open packs that haven’t seen fresh air in 19 years. 😉  (NOTE–New date for this…June 29th!!!)
  • Tuesdays starting June 11th… Modern Masters League.  Register here…  ($100 for 6 starter packs plus 5 weekly packs…more then half sold out so far..)These packs will be cool but in very limited supply.  Packs look like they will be between $13-15 per and are FULL of amazing stuff for Magic Modern.
  • Wednesdays…we are doing D&D encounters from 6-9.  NEED A SECOND DM!!!We’ve pretty much got the first table either filled or close each week, so we’re looking for a couple more people to DM for us.  Check out my newly written Intro to D&D blog post for parents and other curious types.

This weekend we had a Massive number of Events at the store (I’m still exhausted)

In 3 days we ran something like 10 events, including two that went until 1:30 or later in the morning.

For the opening weekend of Modern Masters, we started the league (I pulled a Tarmogoyf–a $120, card that in it’s foil version is the most expensive card in a new set in our memory at $450!!)  I still proceeded to get beat into dust by Don’s flyer deck…ah well, live and learn).  On Friday, we ran 3 Friday Night Magic Drafts, two of which were the Modern Masters. The more I played, the more I realized how much the tribal stuff was great.

Saturday’s Pokemon Battle Roads was great, although I may have done a bit to good a job at warning off the little kids.  Next time around, if they want to try their deck out in a tournament, let’s bring a few more of them by.  Saturday night’s two-headed giant contained to be lovely fun, with some new players joining the building crew of regulars.  Once again, the Better Days were a force to be reckoned with that were just so darned gracious that they were hard to get mad at, even as they continued to rack up the wins.  One more Modern Masters draft that (this time) actually started at nine, and the evening was wrapped.  (Ok…9 is too late to start a draft…we get that now..).

Sunday’s standard was a bit light with many of the regulars having trouble crawling out of bed after the previous night’s fun.  But many were back for the last Modern Masters draft of the weekend.  The truth is that many of us were a bit mad at Wizards about Modern Masters.  Why would they short print a set and make it SOO much fun to play.  I also am very frustrated that it is really too expensive for the kids to play.  As a result, we decided to create a special redraftable set called a cube with just the common and uncommon (not money) cards that we can use to play for fun without the bucks.  We’ll do these as $6 drafts where you don’t get the cards to keep, and all the $ goes into the prizes (1 regular pack per win).

Older news—

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