D20 weekly update–7-8-13

M14-overviewIMPT….NO Pokemon or Vanguard this weekend, and No Magic Standard…Just a bunch of Magic Sealed events (Big Magic M14 Prerelease)

First really Great Chandra

For a great way to get to know the new set.. Click here for a draft simulator.  Or here to see all the new cards

Say Goodbye to Ravnica Block with the last FNM for it this Friday Night (the 12th)

Magic M14 Prerelease–As usual…we will be doing a Competitive and Casual group side by side for all of the times in question.  This is great for all players, adults and kids.  Remember…we’re limited to ~50 players for each time slot, so if you want to make sure to get a slot, reserve ahead of time.

Magic M14 Boxes are still on the Preorder price of $105, come and see us…first 3o will get the Promo Ratchet Bomb Card

Next weekend (the 20th and 21st)

  • Sat. the 20th 
    • we will be doing Pokemon again in the morning
    • Magic M14 Sealed at 12
    • Two-headed Giant at 5:30 (4pm for packs)
  • Sunday the 21st
    • Grand Prix Trial for Grand Prix Oakland!!!  Reg at 10 but start will be 11 am on time.  Since the packs need to be opened and registered by other players, there will be no ability to show up late for this one.  This will be a $35 sealed event using M14 (the same format that the Grand Prix will be)  This will be a competitive level event…so much more strict on the rules, though we still aim to keep the D20 Good spirit in place. 😉
    • Draft at 3 for those who want to redeem their pride (or luck)


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