D20 Update- 8-6-13

Hey folks…
Buy Tix here for 2-Headed Giant-8-10-13




  • Tuesday @5:45:   Modern Tournaments $5 entry.  100% into prize.
  • Weds:
    • League from 4:30 to 7 (open short hours this week.)
    • D&D from 6-9
  • Thursday, Practice m14. Sealed Tournament ($20–play at 6 pm)
  • Friday: FNM
  • Sat:
    • 10 am…Magic Game Day!
    • Two-Headed Giant–4 pm for packs-5:30 to play!!!
  • Sunday


  • Sat
    • 11-1 Pokemon League ($5–includes pack)
    • Next week….Aug 17th…11:00  Plasma Blast Release  (11 to get packs, 12 to play…~ 1 hour for non-competitive, 2 hours for competitive)
      • Sealed deck tournament.  6 packs provided.  Make your best deck and then play.  There will be a choice of two packs per player bonus for non-competitive, or 1 pack plus  an additional pack per round won for the adults or more competitive younger players. (best 2 out of 3)


  •   Sunday at 2 for our regular event.

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