July 2, 2015

July 3rd & 4th… Advanced Plus Pack War marathon

Advanced Plus-Pack WarsWe need a big favor on Thurs or Friday from our Magic Players…come in for a super cheap mystery box Pack Wars event.  We need to have at least one event every year with 50 or more players to keep up our Advanced Plus status with Wizards.  But it turns out that we can do this as a casual event, over 24 hours, so we decided to do pack-wars and give everyone who helps a reward of an extra cheap pack. Pack wars, for those who haven’t gotten a chance to play before, is basically taking a pack, opening it without looking and putting in 3 of each land, shuffling up and playing.  It’s a great way to have extra fun rather then just opening the pack. (One offer per player.)  We are doing it mystery box style, so there will be packs in the box from everything we sell.  We will even have a few packs marked to be swapped for Modern Masters 2015 packs!

    • $3 for a pack (use for pack wars)
    • $5 for two players (two packs) if you bring in a player who has never registered for an event with us before**.
    • $0!!! (my treat) if you preregister (or have preregistered) for the Origins prerelease next weekend.

**Players under 13 must have a parent to sign them up for a DCI #

Family Games for Firefigher’s July 4th Weekend

Family Games for Firefighters:  Play a game with yer family and help bring some fun to our firefighters.  We all know that being a firefighter is hours of waiting around interrupted by intense, sometimes life-risking actions.  We want to give some of our favorite games to our firefighters, to reward both family play and the boys and girls in red, we will set aside 10% of each tabletop game sold this weekend to use to give goodies to our firefighters.
Great 4th of July choices for family games include:
Smaller games:
  1. Cover your Assets-our favorite family card game
  2. Hanabi–a co-op card based fireworks building game with the twist that the  only player who can’t see your hand is, well, you. 😉
  3. Love Letterthe most interesting card game you’ll ever play with a hand size of 1 and only 15 cards in a deck.
  4. Spot it--great fun for all ages
  5. Boss Monster-Get rid of all the pesky heroes that keep trying to invade your Dungeon.  JUST Released this month– Boss Monster 2!
Super fun for big groups (5 and up):
  1. The Werewolf Games
  2. The Resistance and Avalon
  3. Bang (The Walking Dead and Halo Versions)
Cooperative games (Everybody vs the game…not each other):
  1. Castle Panic:  Keep the monsters from knocking down your castle…great for families (siblings).    New expansion just came out: The Dark Titan.
  2. Forbidden Island and Desert: Complete the quest before the Island sinks from under you or you get buried under the dunes.
  3. Pandemic.  Keep the world safe and healthy. (a lot less creepy then it sounds…even my 11 year old daughter loves it.)  New expansion here as well:  State of Emergency.
  4. Xenoshyft:  Starship Troopers-style deck-building game where you and your space marine buddies try and keep the hoards of increasingly bad-___ aliens from overrunning your base.
  5. And in honor of our Firefighers— Flashpoint, the co-op game of keeping the day from going up in smoke.
And finally:  Just plain great games.
  1. Betrayal at the house on the Hill:  Just scary enough game where you and your friends explore(and create) the creepy house until one of you suddenly is chosen by the game as the Betrayer, and it becomes them vs. everybody else in the game to complete a secret mission.  WAY fun.
  2. Five Tribes:  New game…Mancala meets 7 wonders meets Settlers of Catan.  On of those games that gets better each time you play it.
I vastly applaud those who have been making the effort and even succeeding at getting there to be more face to face time, and less face to screen. 😉
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