Unfinity release event

Unfinity-Latest Magic Un-Fun (no…wait…acutal fun)

Experience the most illustrious galactotainment in the Multiverse at Myra the Magnificent’s Intergalactic Astrotorium of Function.

(Nope, I didn’t write it, but no way I’m gonna try and top it.)  Unfinity is the latest of the Magic the Gathering Un sets…basically the sets that they create when they’ve been drinking way too much coffee and their eyes start to cross.) The cards are usually just for fun and the only things that can be used in regular play are the extremely pretty lands.   In this case, there is a bunch of weird and wonderful stuff for commander, as well as some exceptional/unique versions of a bunch of the shock lands!

We will be drafting the set for the next weeks until Brothers War, and doing two headed Giant on Saturdays starting at 4 (3 to get packs and build).

The new mechanics include Attractions, Wordplay, Dice,

Stickers (yep, real stickers) and,

of course, Hats!?!

Fortune Teller Attraction


Wearing a Hat














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