D20 Holiday Sales -Thanks-GIVING sale and Loot bags are back and…

This holiday we are doing three things.

  1. The return of our Giving Sale (buy and we donate games to the Midway Woman’s Shelter*.
  2. Mystery Loot Bags are back, and full of better stuff than ever.  We got a bunch of great games from some of the stores that weren’t able to hang on by their fingers through covid that will go into making some truly great  game loot bags, either at $60 or $100 each.  Magic and D&D loot bags as well…check this space for more
  3. Special prices on selected great board games In Store…
  • Gloomhaven $89.99 down from $139.99
  • Stuffed Fables -$49.00 (down from $69.99)
  • Lord of the Rings: Journeys into Middle Earth-$79.99 (Down from $99.99)

All deals are limited in number, not so much on time…they will be good through Dec 17th

Holiday Games

(*Many women need to leave in the middle of the night, often grabbing what they can.  We find games that will be good for giving some mental respite and mabye a bit of fun for families in a frequently intensely tough situation. )

D20 – Ha…no shipping now Amazon!!!

Hey folks…lets see…we want/need you business! And unlike online…were are right here for curbside pickup!

All the stuff is on our online store.

We will be open for pick up:

  • 12/23. from 10am-8 pm
  • 12/24 from 10-4, but if you are in Alameda, we can do a drop off if you really need it for the first 20 people requesting it.

And we now have digital gift certificates that get sent to your email for last minute stuff.
Plus we will be throwing in stocking stuffer bonuses based on how big the order is.

I will be adding recommendations to this post throughout the day, but we have some great

We have lots of staff picks and will be updating them all the time.

In terms of particularly hot/Hard to find items items

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything...Great New D&D book for all players

Charms and Potions expansion for the great Hogwarts Battle Deck Building game

Limited amounts of Pokemon Vivid Voltage and Champions Path

And for Magic, we got lots of good stuff, including a new batch of Commander Legends, and the deceptively fun JumpStart (two packs each make playable randomized decks and are a total blast).

And for D&D players…we have two extremely excellent new things.

The Warlock Tiles…think a blend of D&D high quality doll house and legos.

And some beyond amazing Dice, both a great collection of the Die Hard Metal dice at around $50 to a limited number of actual carved gemstone dice at around $80. I’ll try and get these on the site, but they may be a bring them to you at the door to look at kind of thing.

These pictures don’t do the dice justice…it is like looking into a dark night of stars.

Thanksgiving-D20 Needs Help (biz) to make it to next T-Day

Yep…shockingly enough, this has been a tough year.  We’ve been working super hard to keep afloat till things get to something vaguely resembling normal.  In the meantime, this year, we need as much of your holiday business as you can spare.

Part of that is a good thing both ways.  Instead of focusing on gifts to open basically at the end of x-mas, think about gettting some game to play with the family/friends during the time you are together (or needing something good to keep from missing what the holidays normally look like.) To that end, we’ve hand picked a number of games that we know will do the trick.  These can be ordered online and curbside pick up is Tues-Sunday, 4-6 (0r more when we are around…you can always call the store to check.)

The big thing we will be offering/need to survive next year is monthly business.  To that end we’re creating a number of D20 Clubs, for D&D, Magic and Family(friend) Game nights to join on a monthly basis.

Holiday Games (to play)

The “Stay Home and Play on Black Friday Sale”

Enough...Thanksgiving is for being with people, not shopping....
Enough…Thanksgiving is for being with people, not shopping….

Ok folks…I’ve had it.  I’m taking a small (and probably spectacularly pointless) stand against the whole idea of getting all all of our families/friends together and actually off work, and then ripping them out of bed (or from going to bed in some cases) to go wait in lines for the chance to get smushed, stressed and utterly exhausted all for a chance to save some money on presents for the very people who we just missed a chance to lounge around with in a comfy robe and furry slippers.

During this week Nov. 21 to 29th

  • Take off an extra 5% from what you are buying (with the exception of sale items) (Always)
  • Get to buy a Modern Masters pack for 1/2 price ($6) for every purchase over $40 (OR)
  • Get a Free Modern Masters 2015 pack for every purchase over $75 (OR)
  • Get a Free Pokemon Pack for every purchase over $40 (OR)
  • Get to pull a Free Mini board game (value between $7-15) for every purchase over $60)

Updated Sale item list:

Item Regular Price Sale Price
BOG Fat packs $39.99 25% off
Khan’s Event decks 25% off
Pokemon Collections

25% off
Magic Gift Boxes
  • Battle for Zendikar—$24.99 PLUS Bonus Free pack
    • Khans-19.99 Plus Bonus free Pack.
    $25.99-21.99 Bonus Free Booster Pack ($3.99 value)
    From the Vault Angels $89.99 $59.99 (first 10 sold)


    Obviously, I a big believer in playing some table top games together as a way of having fun where we even get to look up from screens and actually LOL.  (LOL–yes I’m aware of the irony.)  So here is our solution.  We’re going to have our holiday sale the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We are a local shop, and we do want/need your business so we can afford to keep providing a nice place for people to come and play together so we appreciate when you buy stuff from us very much.  Our idea is to let you pick up gifts for the holidays and while you are here, hopefully pick up something really fun to play over Thanksgiving as well, since having fun with people you love is about the best gift there is.  And I want to keep the game playing to the games and do our best to make it pleasant to shop with us.

    We’ve hand picked a number of great games, and as usual have a great selection of goodies for Magic and Pokemon players.  We’ll be posting our yearly staff gift recommendation list in the next week.  And we’ll be doing a bunch of game reviews to help out.

    Recommendations for great Holiday games (this will be updated regularly)

    • Codenames; Sort of a multi-match team password where the “spymaster” tries to give a clue that will get their team to match the words from a big spread of cards that belong to their team without picking words that belong to the other team.  Very hot game.
    • New York 1901: Think Blockus meets Ticket to Ride.  Pick cards that let you build your collection of skyscrapers on the still flat map of NYC while you still have the space.
    • Coup Rebellion CS4:  This follow on to the very popular ultimate bluffing game Coup can be played in about 20 minutes per round and works for 3-6 players…super, super fun.
    • Dead of Winter: We finally have this impossible to get in zombie tour to force in stock…Everyone who has bought it loves it, so if you are into the living the zombie (or zombie free) life, get a few folks together for this one.
    • Cover Your Assets:  Great game that works equally well for kids and grandparents,and can get ’em to actually play together.
    • High speed fun with no brain required, Loonacy.

      Loonacy:  Perfect for post Turkey brains…not a lot of high level thinking, but a fast paced game with a bunch of goofy laughing.  Now with a cool Mad Men style retro version.

    • Roll For It: A fast paced dice rolling game with simple rules that is fun for all ages…
    • Qwirkle:  Think scrabble meets Bejeweled (shapes and colors instead of words). Grat Family Game
    • Evolution:  This brand new games ia perfect in the spirit of getting stuffed. This 2-6 person game has each player creating their own customized species to vie to see who prospers and who gets eaten.  Big thumbs up on this one for 10 (smart 8) and up.
    • King of Tokyo Fans!!!:  The classic king of the hill monster game hops over the pond with the new King of New York version of the game.  This 2-6 player game is all about light hearted battling of giant monsters to see who can take the biggest bite out of the Big Apple
    • And for those who like their fun Dark and Delicious…two Strong recommendations:
      • Gloom: the Edward Gory/Lemony Snicket game where you lead your dark family to the worst possible life before knocking them off in some poetically tragic way,while your opponents try and give them (gasp) a good day. 😉
      • Betrayal at the House on the Hill, 3-6 players fingernail biting exploration of the wonderfully creepy house. flips in the middle of the game by turning one of the players into the Betrayer who gets secret instructions setting him/her against the rest of the players who have their own secret instructions how they try and survive the night.  This game is easy to get into and virtually impossible not to hvae fun with.

    Open at 11am– D20 Black Friday-Small Business Sat Sales

    We’re having a fun set of sales for Black Friday/Small Business Saturday.  Deals are good on those days as long as supplies last.

    In addition to what is on the list, EVERYTHING else is on sale in D20 Style (ok…we got this idea from another game store, but we thought it was so cool that we wanted to do it too.)  Once you commit to your purchase, you get to roll 3 D6 and get that as a bonus discount.  (We’ll make anything below a 10 into 10, to make sure it is always at least that much.)

    Item Reg. Price  Discount/Bonus

    All Day, Both Days… buy 3 packs, get one free (Magic and Pokemon)

    Spend $25 or more, get a free Deck Box-up to 4.99 value.

    Magic Holiday Gift Boxes 19.99 $3 off Khans, $5 off Theros.
    Magic Fat Packs 39.99
    Khans/M15 Double Bonus Free Packs
    Journey Into Nyx 39.99 25% off
    Born of the Gods 39.99 25% off
    Commander Decks
    2013 (Except Mindseize)  34.99  $15 off ($19.99)
     2014 (Blue, Black, Green)  34.99  $15 off ($19.99)
     Pokemon—sales in store
     X-Men Dice Masters Starter Set  16.99


    12.99 + buy one 1.99 booster andget 3 free!

    Star Realms $21.99 $7.00 off… $14.99 final price!
    Two Adventure time Specials
    Card Wars Game $26.99-$21.99 $16.99 to $14.99
    Adventure Time Munchkin $24.99 $5.00 off to $15.99
    Bang Big Deals…
    Walking Dead Bang 24.99 $5 off- to $19.99
    Halo Bang 24.99 $5 off- to $19.99
    Vanguard Packs 3.99 50% off


    More in the store.

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