D20 Weekly update: FNM for Real!, Date night Magic, And Sunday Yugioh

Update:  Legendary Collection 2 is at $35 for next 20 sold…will start going up after that.  3 for 90 deal is over…(most stores are selling it for $40 and up…will hold the price as long as I can.)

Ok…the updated schedule for the weekend.

  1. Friday at 5:30  –Kid Magic (date night Magic)
  2. Friday at 6:30- FNM Friday Night Magic (finally!!!)
Top 4 player FNM player prize card
  1. Sat at 1:30–Innistrad League (sealed deck…buy six packs and play for 6 weeks.)-entry $25 (includes six packs…basically cost of the packs)  Week 1 of 6 weeks
  2. Sunday at 1:30  Yugioh Masters.  $10 entry and Two Legendary Collection 2 units (price: $25)