New Years week update: Magic on Friday…Kids in the afternoon, FNM Zendikar at 6:15…

Hey folk…Holiday update:

The store is open Limited Hours this weekend, and since were missing a couple of events, we’re adding to Friday.  Oh yeah…a bunch of cool new stuff in the store and some specials.  Find us on Yelp for a special deal that is going on for packs right now.  Also, come in this weekend for some last minute specials (example…Yugioh Legendary Collection 2 for $35 $29 through the weekend, with a free deck box as a bonus).

Thursday, Dec 29th: 3:30 to 7 (limited hours)

Friday, Dec 30: Open Early (12-8)

  1. Kids Magic Draft-1 p.m.-5pm $15 per player.
  2. Friday Night Magic-Special Edition—$20 Special Draft-Zendikar.  (I know…players have drafted a LOT of Innistrad…this is just a fun change of pace while we wait for the next set to come out next month.)
    The great lands from Zendikar
Saturday, New Years Eve:
Open from 11-3
  1. Duelist League at 1:00…we’ll reload the binder so come on in. 14 years and younger…$5 entry and will end at 3.
Sunday: New Years Day-Closed

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