Dark Ascension

Door To Nothingness Tournament


Really?? We’re gonna make you try and play this thing… 😉 Yep.

Door to Nothingness Tournament

September 22, 2012

5:30 pm start time

A Casual Tournament (for fun and entertainment) for those that love to play MTG in odd conditions. Rules:

  • $5 Entrance Fee Plus one spare Rare or Mythic to toss into the Prize Pool.
  • Format is Innistrad Block (Inn,DA and Avacyn)  plus M13— 60 card decks.
  • One copy of Door to Nothingness is required; the max is 4. (yes we still have some in stock)
  • At least two copies of each basic land required (Dual lands count for each land).

Prize Pool entrance requirements:

  • Win one game (not match) with Door to Nothingness
  • If we don’t have enough Door to Nothingness winners, top match winners will slide into the prize pool at the lowest level!  WE WANT WINS BY “DOOR TO NOTHINGNESS” 😉
Questions: Don’t ask Ben, email Thomas at: henducoach at gmail.com
BTW…if this goes well, we WILL run it again with more expanded sets…get ready for NOTHNG…

D20 Games Event: Grand Prix Minneapolis Trial, Sat. April 14th

Grand Prix MTG

Pay and register in the store or here.

This will be our first ever Grand Prix Trial and we’re really looking forward to it.  Our space is intimate and friendly, so we will be limiting the event to a max of 40 players.

  • Start time is 10 for signups and 10:30 for pack opening.
  • Format is Sealed, 3 Dark Ascension,and 3 Innistrad.
  • Cost is $30 per player.  (Each player attending will get an extra entry into our drawing for rights to buy one of our allocation of From the Vaults: Realms to be held later in the year…)
  • We will be offering a $6 pizza deal at 2pm (two slices and a drink) for those who want, (as opposed to the standard mad scramble to grab a bite inbetween rounds.)
  • Winner will receive 3 byes in the Minniapolas Grand Prix.  Everyone will get 3x planeswalker points for participating, and additional prizes will be awarded based on the attendance pool.

We will do signups, online, before the event at the store, and on the day of the event.  Signups will start at 10.  Players who are not seated and ready to build by 10:30, will need to wait for additional players to join so they can cross check deck lists, and will have the first round counted as a loss.


  • The format for this Grand Prix Trial will be Sealed Deck,
  • If event attenence is more then 8, the top 8 will play off using the their sealed decks from the event.  The product mix for the event will be 3 Innistrad and 3 Dark Ascension boosters per player
  • Deck lists are required

Tournament Length

  • Swiss rounds – 50 minutes per round
  • Playoff matches will have no time limit
  • Number of Swiss rounds based on attendance according to the following chart:
Attendance Swiss rounds Playoff
8 3 Single-Elimination Rounds (No Swiss) None (run Single Elimination)
9 – 16 (If Sealed Deck) 4 Rounds Top 8
9 16 (If Constructed) 5 Rounds Top 4
17 – 32 5 Rounds Top 8



  • All players may participate in all Swiss rounds.
  • The top players after the final Swiss round will advance to the single-elimination playoff. The number of players that advanced to the playoff is based on the number of players in the event (see chart above).


  • Planeswalker Points Multiplier – 3x

D20 Games Dark Ascension Pre-Release Jan. 28th 11:30 and 5.

Bonus Card for first 48 people who sign up for Prerelease

          1. MTG-Dark Ascension Pre-release event! Saturday, Jan 28th, Noon 11:30 AND 5, $25 per player.  LIMIT OF 48 players total in both events.

It’s (almost) here…as fun as Innistrad was, the next set in the cycle looks to be just as cool.  The set releases on Feb 3rd. and we’re pretty excited that we are now qualified to be a core store and can host not only the release on Feb. 4th, but  Pre-release event as well.

Entry fee is $25 and is a sealed deck, which means you get 6 packs and get to make the best deck you can, and then play all afternoon. Should go through 5-6. (We’ll do our usual Kids Pizza and a Drink for $5 for everybody this time at 4:30) The set looks GREAT…some amazing new cards.

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