D20 weekly update–7-8-13

M14-overviewIMPT….NO Pokemon or Vanguard this weekend, and No Magic Standard…Just a bunch of Magic Sealed events (Big Magic M14 Prerelease)

First really Great Chandra

For a great way to get to know the new set.. Click here for a draft simulator.  Or here to see all the new cards

Say Goodbye to Ravnica Block with the last FNM for it this Friday Night (the 12th)

Magic M14 Prerelease–As usual…we will be doing a Competitive and Casual group side by side for all of the times in question.  This is great for all players, adults and kids.  Remember…we’re limited to ~50 players for each time slot, so if you want to make sure to get a slot, reserve ahead of time.

Magic M14 Boxes are still on the Preorder price of $105, come and see us…first 3o will get the Promo Ratchet Bomb Card

Next weekend (the 20th and 21st)

  • Sat. the 20th 
    • we will be doing Pokemon again in the morning
    • Magic M14 Sealed at 12
    • Two-headed Giant at 5:30 (4pm for packs)
  • Sunday the 21st
    • Grand Prix Trial for Grand Prix Oakland!!!  Reg at 10 but start will be 11 am on time.  Since the packs need to be opened and registered by other players, there will be no ability to show up late for this one.  This will be a $35 sealed event using M14 (the same format that the Grand Prix will be)  This will be a competitive level event…so much more strict on the rules, though we still aim to keep the D20 Good spirit in place. 😉
    • Draft at 3 for those who want to redeem their pride (or luck)


M13-The Glory, the Set, the M13 Prerelease…

D20 Games M13 Prerelease event
Eventbrite - M13 Prerelease @ D20 Alameda

When:  Saturday, March 7th  at 10 am, and 4:30 p.m.
(Times are sign-in and get yer pack times.  There will be an hour for deck building, so matches will start at 11am and 5:30 p.m.  Each event will go 5-6 hours.)

What and How Much:  $25, 6 decks for a sealed deck event (Pick the best 23 or so from the 60 and add 17 lands to make a minimum 60 card deck.)  There will be a minimum of 4 rounds of play with prizes split based on how many players we have.  Everyone will get the special foil promo card, and we will throw in a bunch of extra prizes (playmats, deck boxes, rare promo cards) as random giveaways to make it more fun.

About Events at D20: As usual, we like to play for the joy, not just the winning.  We’d rather win by helping our opponent play their best game too, then to make them feel bad because they didn’t understand a rule or made unwitting mistakes.  We love new or returning players and like to create a comfortable and easygoing place for experienced and learning players to have a good time side by side.

About M13:  Traditionally,core sets have been a collection of reprinted staples picked from the last 20 years of magic, with a few cool goodies (Planeswalkers and other big bombs) tossed in. As of M13, they changed that and decided that the core sets should be able to be as much fun as the cycle sets that follow.  M13 features a huge number of great new cards, as well as the return of an old favorite mechanic, Exalted.

  • 10am and 5:30 We’ll be doing sealed deck (6 packs and make your best 40 card minimum deck and play.)
  • $25 entry fee includes the pack, a special bonus card for the first 45 people signed up in each time.
  • Registration for the first event will start at 10:00 and we will start deck building between 10:15-10:30. First rounds will be played around 11.  The early event should go around 4 (a bit later for the top players)  The second event will go from 5:30 to about 10 for most players, potentially later for the best players. We will provide packs starting at 4:30 to give people a longer time to build. (This is not a high level event, so we would rather people enjoy themselves then have us need to get as picky about things.)
  • FOR KIDS>>>there will be two events running side by side at both times although the evening event will be more adult focused, so the kids can play the kids and the adults play the adults. 😉 Kids prizes will be more spread out and the adults will have the prizes more loaded to the top. As such, advanced kids will be able to play with the adults if they so choose.  Just as we expect good role modeling from the adults, we expect the kids to be respectful keep their voices to table level.
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