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Happy Thanksgiving!!! Fun, Turkey and Black Friday Sales (as well as Small Business Saturday)

Turkey O DoomHappy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!  Make sure to do some random act of kindness!! 😉  As always, thanks so much for the business, and more importantly, the intensely cool community.  I can’t tell you guys how thankful I am for that.
If you aren’t on the road already, swing on by and pick up a good game for either keeping kids happy in the car or good family fun that doesn’t go beep, beep. 😉  We have a bunch of stuff we can recommend (although, the beloved Cover Your Assets is ALWAYs a great family pick….just trust us on this one.)  We will be closed on Thursday because, well, we should be…we’ll be hanging and playing with our family and hope you will be as well.
We WILL be doing a Black Friday Sale (starting at 10) and Small Business Saturday Sale….very good stuff, good prizes and the return of our bonus stocking stuffer (or menorah sitter) freebies.
  • Monday:  Special how to Play Magic class at the Lib @ 1.
  • Tuesday Night–Modern Masters Draft!!! $40—no,wait…make it $33 this one time!!! (Regular packs as prizes)
  • Weds, Double prize League tournament starting at 4:30–Maybe Daytime Draft??!!
  • Thursday…closed for T-day
  • Friday—BIG Black Friday sale
  • Saturday–Small Business Sat sales and Two headed Mystery box tournament
  • Sunday 10AM Start for a $10 Magic Standard with some free Star City Goodies in the mix…!
We had a second record breaking FNM in a month on Friday before last Friday…went from 42 up to 44!!  It was VERY good we had the secret clubhouse next door to be able to use for more play space so we aren’t quiet so squished when we get full.

D20 Weekly Update-7-24-13

Earned my Old Man Pic. 😉 -Ben

NOTE…the event system is $@%@ (causing me a bit of bother at the moment).  So I’m going to update here for now.

Adding to below…We are starting to do cheap ($20) 6 pack M14 Magic Sealed events to get in practice for Grand Prix Oakland.  We are slotting these in whenever we can.  They will be for practice, not for prize, so people can pick up packs before hand and join events in progress if they can’t make it when they start (they will get a game loss for the rounds we play, but will still get the points and practice for what they do play.)  People are big time encouraged to help each other out after the games to figure out how to get much better.  GO TEAM D20!!!

The week that was and will be…


  • So we had 26 for our Grand Prix qualifier on Sunday….since I was the organizer, I had to sit and watch instead of playing (grr)…but got in the action for a Modern Masters Draft after it was all done…  Since many of us are getting ready for the Grand Prix in Oakland Aug 23-25th, every event counts these days.  
  • We also had a bunch of fun with the Magic Two-headed Giant on Saturday.  IT DID sell out again, so make sure if you want to join us for the next one to sign up in advance.
  • Modern Masters league had their last event on Tuesday before the big transition to our new regular Tuesday Modern Tournaments
  • Coming up….
    • Magic League starts on weds.  We’re going to be doing big changes in the league, including having the Weds events as real tournaments (4pm for kids-or 5:30 for adults–kids can join if they want to).   For today, we will be doing it the same as a standard sealed.  For the future, players will be able to join late and just take game losses for that round, but get points for what they play(and win) for the league overall.  Each event will get a booster pack for the winner and mystery packs for 2nd and third.  (Sometimes there will be secret bonus prizes. )
    • NEW....$20 Sealed events until Aug 11th…Getting Ready for Oakland Grand Prix we will be doing special $20 M14 sealed events.  These will be for practice, so there will not be any prize support (cause they are cheap). We will charge $25 for the event, with a $5 credit toward the next one to make sure people aren’t just doing it for the packs.  We will also let people get packs at the end of one event to build overnight so they can do the next event right after work.  We will do one on Thursday, Friday at 4 if we get enough, and Sat at 11.  Many more times to come
      • Sat: Packs before…play at 1 or as soon as we have 8.
      • Sun.  Packs early, play at 3…We want to do a Clinic with the better players so we can all get better for this one
      • MONDAY–Day time (kid friendly as well)…Packs at 10, play at 11:30
    • FNM–M14…Sunday Standard and Modern Masters.


  • Sat at 3:30 (to 6) Plasma Blast Prerelease!!  Limited to 36 players-$30 gets 6 packs to make your best deck and play, and 2 packs when you turn in your energy at the end.  In addition, player will get a promo card and a deck box.  We will be able to take limited sign-ups in the morning and then will be able to take more around 12.  Players will need to be in the store with $ in hand at 3:15 and we will go down the list and enter those who are present.


  • We had the prerelease last weekend and will have the new extra deck packs for sale this week.  Sunday at 2 for our regular event.

Modern Masters @ D20 Alameda

Modern Master's League At D20 Games

Reprinted in Modern Masters

Modern Masters is coming out on June 7th, 2013.  This limited print set, brings back a number of the staples in the Modern Format, a style of magic play that uses cards as far back as 8th edition.  Generally, the larger pool of cards a format has to pull from, the more valuable the “best” cards are in that format, so getting into Modern unless you happened to be playing and have cards from that time can be an expensive affair.  The Modern Masters set was designed to let people get into the format without laying out the (too) big bucks.

The boxes come with 24 packs instead of the usual 36 and given the short print, the packs are likely to go for between $10-12 a pack, so, while this is a lower price then most of the packs that would have the cards in the set, its still not cheap. We’ve decided that since the supply is short, we’d rather make sure that everyone gets a chance to play with them rather than just selling off the boxes.  So we’re going to do a League and a number of drafts.

League will be a 6 Pack sealed format starting on Tuesday, June 10th, and while the final price is TBD, we will let people preregister for $60 for the league start, or $100 for the full 5 weeks (getting one pack for free)

Drafts will be $35, with 3 rounds, a regular pack for 1 win, a Modern Master’s pack for 2 wins, and 2 Modern Master’s packs for going 3-0.

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