D20 Game Update 10/20/11 King of the Hill?!?

Hey folks,  here’s the news that fits the print:

  • Just in:  Yugioh Gates of the Underworld Structured Decks $10 (on sale for $9)
  • Friday: Date Night Magic at 5:30& Friday Night Magic (FNM) at 6:30 and ($15 w/sleeves or Deck box).  We’re starting to get a great group showing up, so come and join us.  Please RSVP for the kid events and let us know if you are on the way for FNM.  We still have the special Contagian Clasp FNM cards for the top place winners.
  • Sunday: Masters Yugioh @ 1:30.  $5 with special bonus event packs!, Duelist League for 14 and Younger at 2:30.  Also $5 with special bonus Event packs and special prize cards for the kids.

Also, we’re looking to do a new ongoing event designed to help our competitive players a chance to really get their decks a serious workout for upcoming Worlds and Regional competitions.  Meet King of the Hill!  😉  Starting this week, we’ll be doing King of the Hill for Yugioh and Magic Standard and Modern.

More info (and rules) for King of the Hill here.

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