D20 Update–Impt.Events & hours changes for (& after) Holidays.

Hey folks, a few big(ish) annoucements.

  • From now on, look for us to be open for special kid events on most early dismissal days. (Not this week…personal business.)  We will post special openings on the site and through our update emails. (to get on the list, email us at info at d20alameda.com.)
  • Coming:  We’re creating a gift recommendation list for different levels of Magic, Yugioh and game players.  We will also announce a special few days where we will be open during the school day for parents who want to come in while the kids are safely tucked away at school.  While we do need to sell things to stay in business, we do take pride in making sure that we stock good stuff and make appropriate and trust worthy recommendations.
  • After Thanksgiving:
    • We will be moving Friday Date Night Magic to Saturday.  (This is for kids age 9-14.)We will start it at 5:30 (5 for pizza).  Advanced (and very well behaved) kids can join on Friday for Friday night magic at 6:15.
    • Moving Kids Yugioh (the Duelist League for age 14 and younger) from Sunday to Saturday.  We will both do the Duelist League at 2:30 for $5 entry fee and Yugioh Date Night also at 5:30 (5 for Pizza and a drink for $5 more.)  We are doing to give more space (and frankly peace) for the kids and the adults.  We will do Duelist League for a few weeks in between Thanksgiving and Xmas to give kids a chance to learn about the change who doen’t check the website, but after the new year, that will be the new times.
  • Events this week:
    • Friday
      • Date Night Magic at 5:30 on Friday RSVP for Pizza at 5 ($15 without pizza $20 with)
      • Friday Night Magic at 6:30 ($15…Prize card a special edition Go for the Throat.)
    • Saturday:  King of the Hill Live Starting at 1:00—$5 entry fee, special limited edition mat and event decks for prizes depending on number of entries.  12 and under division if more then 8 players (no fee and smaller prizes).  Standard Format
    • Sunday:
      • Masters Tournament @ 1:30:  $10 entry…first prize a Half box of Photon Shockwave for 12 or less players, Full box if more.  (Photon Shockwave Releases on Tuesday the 15). Rights to First Box Sold right after Midnight on Monday.
      • 2:30 Duelist League for 14 and Younger. $5 entry fee with Turbo Pack and prize card for all players.

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