Pre-thanksgiving Schedule and Holiday Sale..

Hey folks:  Heres the news that’s fit to print…Holiday hours, events, and our First major Sale…

Holiday Hours:

Friday 18th, Open late (5:00).  (D20 Team is heading off around 7:15 Am for the SF World Magic Championships)

Saturday 19, Open Late to Late (2-9)

  • Deck Clinic-all day:  Bring in your Magic or Yugioh Decks to test them against our sharpshooters and get deck advice.
  • Final Practice for 3k Draft: Signups start at 6, play as soon as we have 8

Sunday 2oth, Open Late (1pm)

 Special Masters 1:30: Photon Shockwave Box tournament.  $5 entry fee. 1/2 box for 8 players, Full box for 16 or more.

Duelist League (14 and younger) 2:30: $5 entry with Entry Booster pack included.

Monday 21-Thursday 24-Closed (Check back for possible updates)

 Sale* Items For the Holidays(through Day after Thanksgiving:

Packs-Buy 5 get 6

Photon Shockwave Boxes-$96 $79

Innistrad Event Decks, $23

MTG Commander Decks $35-$30

Generation Force SE Boxes 1 for $8, Box of 10 for $65 (until Monday 21st only)

More to come….


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