Friday: 6:30 FNM-5:30 Last Friday Kids Magic…

Yes we are open…yes we’re doing:

Specials this weekend:  Buy 5 packs and get the 6th for free.

  • Friday Night Magic (@6:30)  $15 with sleeves.
  • Date Night Magic (@5:30)  $15 with sleeves, $20 with Pizza.  (call if running late or email to confirm…Must have 6 players either in store or having called by 5:45 to run draft (This is the transition week to Saturday night Date night.)
  • 2:00…Modern King of the Hill Live.  $5 entry fee.  First prize either wicked cool Morningtide or Worldwake playmates or if 8 or more players signed up, a Graveborn Premium Deck. (We’ve been playing this deck for a week, it rocks!)
    Graveborn Premium Deck ($40--on sale for $35)
  • 3:00 Yugioh Duelist League (Age 14 and younger)  $5 entry with entry pack included. (Ends at 5)
  • 5:30 Date Night Magic (9-14 year old) $15 ($5 extra for two slices of pizza and a drink at 5) (End at 9)
  • 5:30 Yugioh Date night Duelist League (9-14 unless parent present entire time): $7($5 extra for two slices of pizza and a drink at 5)
  • NO Kids Duelist Legue…moved to Saturday.
  • 1:30 Masters Tournament: $6.  Test your decks out against the best and get each other ready for Regionals. Prize Pools 1-8 players-8 packs & 1 Gen Force SE, 8-16 players-1/2 box & 2 Gen Force SE, 16 and more players, full box.  Random drawing from all registered players for


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