Gift Time: Special hours and Whats in stock…weekly events…

Hey folks, we are going to be open some Bonus hours this week to let people come in when the kids are still in school.  Coffee (Tea, Chai, Hot Coco, or Hot Cider) are my treat for weary shoppers.

  • Thursday, the 15th from 8:30-10:30 AM
  • Friday, the 16th from 8:30-11:30 AM
We still have great stuff in stock, though some items are starting to sell out.  (Down to our last 4 Fat Packs, and out of Photon Shockwave booster boxes)
Events this week:
  • 1:00—Graveborn Challenge…beat the deck that won the last ultimate challenge.  Top 2 players get to challenge the top deck.  Entry fee-$5 .  First prize…1-8 players,  special limited edition playmat
  • 3:00 Yugioh Duelist League (Age 14 and younger)  $5 entry with entry pack included. (Ends at 5)
  • 5:00 Date Night Magic (9-14 year old) $15 ($5 extra for two slices of pizza and a drink at 5) (End at 9)
  • Yugioh Date night starting after the holidays
  • NO Kids Duelist Legue…moved to Saturday.  
  • 1:30 Masters Tournament: $5.  Test your decks out against the best and get each other ready for Regionals. Prize Pools 1-8 players-8 packs & 1 Gen Force SE, 8-16 players-1/2 box & 2 Gen Force SE, 16 and more players, full box.

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