D20 Games Weekly Magic Update


Lots of good stuff coming up!!!

  • Date Night Magic is on for 4-6 for kids 9-12
  • Preregistration is open for the Dragon’s Maze Prerelease on Sat. April 27th at 10 and 4,  and Sunday at 10 am.
  • Taking pre-orders for Dragon’s Maze Boxes…$105 per box for the next week (or $110 with Double buy a box promos…one from this set, one random from the last 3)
  • Next Saturday (4-13) for special Magic Sealed event…Guild Wars!  Team Sealed Battle between Gruul, Simic, and Boros!
  • A special Two-headed Giant at 4–Intro Pack Battles...each player gets to pick a random intro pack from Gatecrash or Ravnica and used the decks plus the two packs for their contribution to the team.

D20 Games Events this week… (4/05/2013)

  • 5:30…Magic Time Walk Duels!!  $5 entry ($4 into a pack for the prize pool)  We got this wonderful collection of Intro Decks from 1996-2008 in perfect condition.  Pick your weapon from the History of Magic and see how it does…pick a favorite from the past or something you’ve never tried before.  We’re going to do this from now on, so come and have some historical fun.


  •  Magic League Play-4-5:30 for kids, anytime for adults
  • Friday Night Magic: 6:45. $15 (Special deal..sleeves $2 for drafters) All drafts will be Gatecrash!!  Going great..we broke a new record with 36 players!!!


  • Date Night Magic 5 for pizza, 5:30 for draft.  $15 for the event plus $5 for pizza and drink for kids 9-12


  • Gatecrash League Week!! !! $25 to start (includes 6 packs) and $5 a week…goes until the end of the set.. Kids from 3:30-5:30, Adults from 5-7–  League is played on a drop in, so come in Weds, Friday or Saturday Nights  IT IS FINE to come in and start now..this goes for the length of the set so there is lots of time to play.  Also, Pre-release sets are fine to start with, and to answer the other question, you can get a different set if your first pulls didn’t rock…just needs to be a full set of six.
  • Bring your Standard decks to test out while you’re waiting.

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