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Journey Into Nyx —Last Set in Theros Block…

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New Friends face Old Gods

LAST WEEK to pre-order boxes and to sign up for the prerelease events….  Remember, these are great fun for beginner and advanced players alike.

Booster Boxes in advance are currently $105, They will go up to $110 next week..

Spoiler Time….the last set in the Theros block, Journey Into Nyx started spoiling this week….

We will be doing our Prereleases on the weekend of April 26th and 27th…

Here is the latest….[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_images_carousel images=”2460,2453,2455,2456,2459,2458,2454,2457″ onclick=”link_image” custom_links_target=”_self” mode=”horizontal” speed=”2500″ slides_per_view=”1″ autoplay=”yes” title=”Cool Journey Cards” img_size=”full”][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”The New Mechanics” tab_id=”1398447790-2-7″][vc_column_text]The new mechanics for the set (Monstrosity, Heroic and Bestow are all back as well)…

Constellation fires off whenever another enchantment hits the field

Constellation —Another Enchantment effect…whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield, it makes this ability fire.

Got the mana…spread the love around.

Strive–Sort of like kicker, this lets you pay an extra amount to have the spell get extra targets. (think the old Fireball spells)





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(April Fools) Big Changes at D20..Played out…

April 5th…yes there is Date Night Magic tonight.

Update….Happy April Fool’s Day…;-)—A joke…relax…just a joke…really… 😉

It is with very mixed feelings that I need to announce some big changes for D20.  After almost three years of working to make things work as a game store, I’ve needed to face some very difficult realities and admit that we’re just not making it financially.  The community has been great, and I’ve really come to love the people who have come to make us a home.  But at some point, I realized that all we were doing was playing games,  Thank you all so much for your patronage and kindness, and I hope that many of you will continue to do business with us in our new venture.

The New D20

After looking at what works well in this area and thinking carefully about what this community really needs, we’ll be reopening D20 in two weeks in it’s new incarnation as a Nail Salon.  We’re hoping to bring the same care and attention that we’ve brought to picking only great games, to selecting the best in nail colors and really soft, big poofy chairs.  We’ll be open for business exactly two weeks after April 1st. After coming in for one session, we’re hoping you’ll feel that we “nailed it”. 😉


Cool Upcoming Events,Old School Two-Headed Giant, and X-Wing Store Championships…


starwars-x-wing-tournamentsWe have a few very special events coming up that are worth checking out….  We’re having two very unusual and special Magic events this month, as well as having our first Store championship for the X-Wing Miniatures game.


Two-Headed-Giant-chaosOnce in a while we get to do something weird and fun, and this is one of those times.    We managed to get our hands on a cool collection of old preconstructed decks from Mirage through Odyssey!  So this will be a special version of our old favorite the mystery box.  Each player will reach in and get a random, preconstructed deck and 2 random packs from M12, M13 or M14 to round the precon’s out.  This is a great way to get a taste of old school magic, or get a flash back to when you first got started.

And Finally. we are doing our very first event for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures games.  This space dogfight game caught my eye at the last GAMA trade show I went to last year.  You get to play with squads of really beautifully designed Star Wars Minis, and the mechanics are nice and straight forward.  (Not the X hours, hordes of army’s and massive time and energy commitment of War-hammer, but something that was easy to grasp, but had a lot of depth to it.)  I particularly love that an X-Wing can be anywhere from a rookie pilot, to Luke with R2 in tow.  We’ve been looking for a chance to start regular organized play, and the Store Championships gives us a perfect opportunity.

Game Day Coming…And time for some Horde Battling

Game Day Full Art Kioria’s Follower
Foil Full Art Pain Seer for top 8 each day

While the weekend of Feb 22nd will include the return of one of our fav’s, the Mystery Box Two-headed giant, where each payer blindly reaches into the big box of goodness and picks a random intro pack and uses the cards from it’s deck plus the two bonus packs to blend with their partners to make two killer decks to be played side by side, the weekend that follows will bring the challenges up to a whole new level.   March 1st and 2nd will be Game Day for the Born of the Gods set.  For those who don’t know, Game day is a standard tournament ($5) entry that is unique because it is the only day to get one of 3 special prizes.  The first 30 people who enter each day will get a special full art version of Kiora’s Follower.  The top 8 players for each day will get a special full art foil version of the Pain Seer, and el numero uno each day will get the special Born of the Gods Game Day Champion playmat.  This does tend to be a more competitive event, so while kids can participate, they should both know how to play and to be ok with swimming with the big dogs and learning from playing against some really good decks.  (There are some of the kids that not only can give the adults a run for their money, but wouldn’t surprise us in the least to see walking out with the playmat.) Oh, and one more thing, since Channel Fireball has opted to run a PTQ on that weekend, some of our best players may not be here for the event, which opens up that top slot even more.  If you want to practice your standard skills, come by for our regular Sunday Tournament at 11ish and see what your deck can do.  The new cards are sparking the imagination of players for a lot of interesting home brewed decks.

Born of the Gods Game Day Champion's Playmat
Born of the Gods Game Day Champion’s Playmat

In addition, for that day we will be running the Battle the Hordes Deck as the 6th of 9 challenges in the Theros Hero’s path.  Bring in a standard deck to run against this swarming special deck that was built in the mode of the Face the Hydra deck.  We will be giving out extra promo cards to those who beat this deck on it’s harder levels and will give extra full art cards to players on Sunday after the final registration for the second Game Day has let us know what is left over.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valantine's Day From D20 Games
Happy Valantine’s Day From D20 Games

Happy Valentine’s Day Folks…go out( or stay in) and play with someone you love.

This weekend we are having our Two-Headed Giant with a special twist.  Any one who comes with a significant other on a Date (kids, this does include moms) can get a one dollar upgrade on our two dollar sleeve special from regular sleeves to our Valentine’s Nyan cat  😉

Other goodies…we have some great two person(or more) games that are perfect for playing together.   These include Love Letter  (click for our game review) and Hanabi, a cooperative Fireworks game with the twist that everyone can see your cards, but you. 😉

Releases-Born of the Gods and Pokemon XY

OPEN THURS @ 10 for Midnight sales of Born of the Gods….

This week we have major releases for both Pokemon and Magic.

Born of the Gods release events this weekend.  We’ll be open at midnight on Thursday night to sell fat packs, Boxes and Packs.  Friday we will be doing Triple Born of the Gods as the first release event for Friday Night Magic.  This weekend we will do a Two-Headed Giant on Saturday Night,  A Sealed on Sunday at noon, where the 6 packs used can also be the beginning of the new League.  Everyone playing will get the release promo card of Tromokratis for as long as supplies last.

One of the Cool Cards from Pokemon XY-Source

For Pokemon, the new XY set just released.  This is the first new set of the XY series after several years of Black & White.  The new boosters, boxes,  and intro packs are on the way to the store as we write this… And we are doing a release event for XY Sat morning, starting at 10:30  Card list for Pokemon X/Y here.

Born of the Gods is on it’s way!!!


The second chapter in the Greek inspired Theros block is on it’s way and we’re starting to get psyched.   Prerelease is signing up now (sign up soon to get the color of your choice for the prereleae pack.)  Pre-order box prices are starting to go up, but we will do $105 this week, going up to $120 when the set releases, so if you want to order those, let us know. Also only the first 30 orders for boxes get the buy a box promos, and we don’t know what those are yet and that often will raise the box prices if it ends up being awesome.

The first Born of the Gods spoilers from the set, KioraThe spoilers will start for real around Jan 13, but Wizards gave us a holiday peek with the first planeswalker of the set. This will be a 165 card set, designed to be drafted with Theros.  They are also continuing the Hero’s path, that gave us the Hydra deck last time around, so look for more opportunities to get the special promo hero cards to help in the next challenge.

Our Prerelease will be the first weekend of the month, with events on:

As usual, we will be doing Kids and Casual (3 round, win a round, win a pack) for all the events, side by side with competitive (4-5 rounds, win at least two round to get a pack, but much bigger numbers of packs for the top winners) for everything except the two-headed Giant (just casual for that one.)

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