Monday-Special Magic Event-Darksteel Draft
Aether vial

Ok…so we happend to get our han

ds on a sealed box of Darksteel, and rather then sell it to one person

for the $200-250 that the box goes for, we decided it would be way more fun to do it as a premium draft.

Time: 6:00

Cost $25

Limited # of seats (based on packs int he box) to 12.  (We will draft either 8 or 12 but not 10 to make sure the pods are good.)  Call in to reserve a seat.

This set includes such goodies as:


D20 Update: 11/30- Kids events moving to Sat…Magic and Yugioh

Hey folks…so this is the big week for changing the days of the kid’s events.

Changes this week for the kids events:

  • Date Night Magic is moving from Friday night to Sat. night.
  • Yugioh kids event (the Duelist league) is moving from Sunday to Saturday afternoon.
A kid free time to shop!!!  
Parent Coffee at D20: on Thursday and Fridays for the next two weeks. Get a chance to head over and get parent level translations on all this stuff to help figure out which holiday gifts will get the best smiles. (Oh yea, and choose your poison from our Krupps machine on us.)  This special opening is for adults (parents) only…
Events this week:
  • 1:00 Free Kids anything goes Magic Tournament (small prize but big bragging rights)
  • 2:00…Standard King of the Hill Live. (ok…it’s mostly a standard tournament, but it’s fun anyway.) $5 entry fee.  First prize either cool Morningtide or Worldwake play mat or if 8 or more players signed up, a Graveborn Premium Deck ($40 value).
  • 3:00 Yugioh Duelist League (Age 14 and younger)  $5 entry with entry pack included. (Ends at 5)
  • 5:00 Date Night Magic (9-14 year old) $15 ($5 extra for two slices of pizza and a drink at 5) (End at 9)
  • Next week for Yugioh date night…
  • NO Kids Duelist Legue…moved to Saturday.
  • 1:30 Masters Tournament: $5.  Test your decks out against the best and get each other ready for Regionals. Prize Pools 1-8 players-8 packs & 1 Gen Force SE, 8-16 players-1/2 box & 2 Gen Force SE, 16 and more players, full box.

Friday: 6:30 FNM-5:30 Last Friday Kids Magic…

Yes we are open…yes we’re doing:

Specials this weekend:  Buy 5 packs and get the 6th for free.

  • Friday Night Magic (@6:30)  $15 with sleeves.
  • Date Night Magic (@5:30)  $15 with sleeves, $20 with Pizza.  (call if running late or email to confirm…Must have 6 players either in store or having called by 5:45 to run draft (This is the transition week to Saturday night Date night.)
  • 2:00…Modern King of the Hill Live.  $5 entry fee.  First prize either wicked cool Morningtide or Worldwake playmates or if 8 or more players signed up, a Graveborn Premium Deck. (We’ve been playing this deck for a week, it rocks!)
    Graveborn Premium Deck ($40--on sale for $35)
  • 3:00 Yugioh Duelist League (Age 14 and younger)  $5 entry with entry pack included. (Ends at 5)
  • 5:30 Date Night Magic (9-14 year old) $15 ($5 extra for two slices of pizza and a drink at 5) (End at 9)
  • 5:30 Yugioh Date night Duelist League (9-14 unless parent present entire time): $7($5 extra for two slices of pizza and a drink at 5)
  • NO Kids Duelist Legue…moved to Saturday.
  • 1:30 Masters Tournament: $6.  Test your decks out against the best and get each other ready for Regionals. Prize Pools 1-8 players-8 packs & 1 Gen Force SE, 8-16 players-1/2 box & 2 Gen Force SE, 16 and more players, full box.  Random drawing from all registered players for


Pre-thanksgiving Schedule and Holiday Sale..

Hey folks:  Heres the news that’s fit to print…Holiday hours, events, and our First major Sale…

Holiday Hours:

Friday 18th, Open late (5:00).  (D20 Team is heading off around 7:15 Am for the SF World Magic Championships)

Saturday 19, Open Late to Late (2-9)

  • Deck Clinic-all day:  Bring in your Magic or Yugioh Decks to test them against our sharpshooters and get deck advice.
  • Final Practice for 3k Draft: Signups start at 6, play as soon as we have 8

Sunday 2oth, Open Late (1pm)

 Special Masters 1:30: Photon Shockwave Box tournament.  $5 entry fee. 1/2 box for 8 players, Full box for 16 or more.

Duelist League (14 and younger) 2:30: $5 entry with Entry Booster pack included.

Monday 21-Thursday 24-Closed (Check back for possible updates)

 Sale* Items For the Holidays(through Day after Thanksgiving:

Packs-Buy 5 get 6

Photon Shockwave Boxes-$96 $79

Innistrad Event Decks, $23

MTG Commander Decks $35-$30

Generation Force SE Boxes 1 for $8, Box of 10 for $65 (until Monday 21st only)

More to come….


D20 Update–Impt.Events & hours changes for (& after) Holidays.

Hey folks, a few big(ish) annoucements.

  • From now on, look for us to be open for special kid events on most early dismissal days. (Not this week…personal business.)  We will post special openings on the site and through our update emails. (to get on the list, email us at info at
  • Coming:  We’re creating a gift recommendation list for different levels of Magic, Yugioh and game players.  We will also announce a special few days where we will be open during the school day for parents who want to come in while the kids are safely tucked away at school.  While we do need to sell things to stay in business, we do take pride in making sure that we stock good stuff and make appropriate and trust worthy recommendations.
  • After Thanksgiving:
    • We will be moving Friday Date Night Magic to Saturday.  (This is for kids age 9-14.)We will start it at 5:30 (5 for pizza).  Advanced (and very well behaved) kids can join on Friday for Friday night magic at 6:15.
    • Moving Kids Yugioh (the Duelist League for age 14 and younger) from Sunday to Saturday.  We will both do the Duelist League at 2:30 for $5 entry fee and Yugioh Date Night also at 5:30 (5 for Pizza and a drink for $5 more.)  We are doing to give more space (and frankly peace) for the kids and the adults.  We will do Duelist League for a few weeks in between Thanksgiving and Xmas to give kids a chance to learn about the change who doen’t check the website, but after the new year, that will be the new times.
  • Events this week:
    • Friday
      • Date Night Magic at 5:30 on Friday RSVP for Pizza at 5 ($15 without pizza $20 with)
      • Friday Night Magic at 6:30 ($15…Prize card a special edition Go for the Throat.)
    • Saturday:  King of the Hill Live Starting at 1:00—$5 entry fee, special limited edition mat and event decks for prizes depending on number of entries.  12 and under division if more then 8 players (no fee and smaller prizes).  Standard Format
    • Sunday:
      • Masters Tournament @ 1:30:  $10 entry…first prize a Half box of Photon Shockwave for 12 or less players, Full box if more.  (Photon Shockwave Releases on Tuesday the 15). Rights to First Box Sold right after Midnight on Monday.
      • 2:30 Duelist League for 14 and Younger. $5 entry fee with Turbo Pack and prize card for all players.

Yugioh This Week! Wave 2 Tins, @ Photo Shockwave Sneak Peek

UPDATE:  OPEN EARLY (12:45) on Friday–Special Kid Magic Drafts and Duelist League.

We are opening up at 12:45 and will be running two events.
  • A Magic Draft for 9-14 year olds starting at 1:30-5   Cost is $15 and includes 3 packs of magic cards.  The draft starts at 1:30, players need to be here when we get started.
  • Yugioh Duelist League for 14 year old or younger. Starting at 1:15-3:15 Players bring their own decks to play.  $5 entry includes a prize pack and a choice of special prize pack at the of the round.  Each round lasts 2 hours.
For an extra $5 at 12:45 kids can have 2 slices of pizza and a drink.  RSVP at if you want Pizza for your kids.  All kids are welcome as long as they obey the rules of the store.

Hello everyone we have new line up of Yugioh products in this week, today we got in the wave 2 tins and the price for this week is $23 (down from $25). Also don’t forget that when you spend at least $20 on merchandise you get a $5 credit towards an event which will come in handy if you want to enter the Photon Shockwave Sneak Preview this Sunday at 11am and 3pm ($20 entry fee-includes 5 packs of Photon Shockwave).


Yugioh Sneak Peeks

Yugioh Sneak Peek FAQ

  • What is it? 
    •  A special preview/tournament with the next set  of Yugioh Cards.
  • How does it work
    • Each player gets 5 packs of the new cards (9 cards per pack)
    • Build a minimum 20 card deck
    • Play 4 rounds with other players
    • First prize is a special Sneak Peak only  play-mat
  •  How much does it cost?
    •  $20 (includes the 5 Packs)
  •  Can I just show up at the door or should I sign up in advance?
    • We are having two “flights” (tournaments) of 32 players each at 11am and 3pm.  
    • Once those slots are filled, we’re out of the allocation of preview cards.
  • Can I enter both times?
    • Konami does  not allow us to have players enter twice
Photon Shockwave-coming 11/15

D20 Weekly Update-Halloween FNM, Magic Event Day-Yugioh Sneak Peek next week

Free for first 30 players

Lots of good stuff this week.

    • Saturday:
      • Innistrad Game Day!  2:00-2:30 Start time for a constructed deck tournament. (Bring your own deck. Standard format: Innistrad, M12 and Scars Block cards only, 60 card minimum) First 30 players to sign up get a special game d
        ay promo card, top 6 players get a special bonus card)  Entry fee is $5 ($10 with two pieces of Pizza and a drink at 5)  Format is double-elimination tournament, and should end before 7 for the final players.)
      • Prize for top players in Game Day Tournament
Bonus Drafts.  We will put out draft sheets starting from when the store opens at 12:30.  8-players and go. ($15 w/sleeves, $13 w/o).  We will also do a hard-start adult draft at 6:30.
    • Sunday:
      • Yugioh Masters Turny at 1:30.  First Prize, $5 Entry, first prize Guaranteed Entry for Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek on Nov , 6th.–Includes Turbo Booster for entry pack
      • Duelist League (14 and under)-2:30 to 4:30. $5 Turbo Booster for entry pack and a pick from the special duelist league cards at the end of the event. (BTW…the FULL set of Exodia will be among the cards this week.)

    D20 Games Weekly Update: LOTS of events…Parent-kid magic Sat, Prep for Yugioh Regionals…Magic World Champs in SF In Nov…

    Hey Folks.   We have a bunch of good stuff coming up, both on the Yugioh and Magic side.

    • Mondays: EDH Play
    • Weds: Magic Modern format, Yugioh Dragon Duels (both based on interest)
    • Thursday: Magic Standard Format
    • Friday: Date Night Magic & FNM and ($15 w/sleeves or Deck box)
    • Saturday: Two-headed Giant 1:00 (Start playing at 2:30 with deck building before that for those who are finishing up with soccer and such…this is one of the few tournament types where it’s ok to come in a bit later…just have less time to build decks..  (Parent-Kid & Standard Team…$17.50  pp w/o sleeves, $20 with)
    • Sunday: Masters Yugioh @ 1:30.  $5 with special bonus event packs!, Duelist League for 14 and Younger at 2:30.  Also $5 with special bonus Event packs and special prize cards for hte kids.

    On the Yugioh side, for our masters, we have  the next regionals coming up on Saturday so come on down and get those decks ready for action.  For the next 3 days, we bring back the 3 for $90 price on the Legendary Collection 2 prices.  We also got in the special event packs for both the Masters and Duelist League for entry  bonuses.

    On the Magic side, there is a huge event coming up next month.  The Magic World Championships is going to be in San Francisco  Nov. 17th-20th.  Word is this is the last time the public will be allowed to view and it is in our back yard. There will also be a number of great Public events, some with the possibility of getting invited to the next regional competition.  In anticipation, we are going to be running weekly Modern and Standard events to start getting those decks tweaked out for play.

    D20 Weekly update: FNM for Real!, Date night Magic, And Sunday Yugioh

    Update:  Legendary Collection 2 is at $35 for next 20 sold…will start going up after that.  3 for 90 deal is over…(most stores are selling it for $40 and up…will hold the price as long as I can.)

    Ok…the updated schedule for the weekend.

    1. Friday at 5:30  –Kid Magic (date night Magic)
    2. Friday at 6:30- FNM Friday Night Magic (finally!!!)
    Top 4 player FNM player prize card
    1. Sat at 1:30–Innistrad League (sealed deck…buy six packs and play for 6 weeks.)-entry $25 (includes six packs…basically cost of the packs)  Week 1 of 6 weeks
    2. Sunday at 1:30  Yugioh Masters.  $10 entry and Two Legendary Collection 2 units (price: $25)

    9-28 Weekly Update: Innistrad Launch Party this Sat, & Friday Draft!!!

    Check the moon, because this week the werewolves and vampires are out with the new Innistrad MTG set. D20 Games will be starting off with our Friday Night Drafts using the new set, as well as hosting a huge Innistrad Launch Party on Saturday.  Saturday’s event will be a 6-pack sealed deck tournament ($25 entry fee), with a special promo card for the first 30 registered.  We will be doing two times so everyone can make it, the first at 12 noon (an early opening this week at 11:30), and the second at 6:00 p.m. Lots of rounds and lots of great prizes!!  Remember, every purchase of greater then $20 gets a discounted entry fee, so make sure to let us take care of your Innistrad needs. This is the first time in many, many years that the creator of Magic, Richard Garfield, has been back to work on the game and man is it fun!  One of the particularly cool new additions for the set is Transform, special two sided cards that are in each new pack, that can transform from one creature to it’s counterpart.  We’ve been playing it this week from the prerelease and it’s the most fun set in a while.

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