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9-23 Weekly D20 Game Weekly Update-Gen Force SE in stock! Date Night Events both Fri AND Sat. Last week for M12 in magic..

BIG NEWS…KID (Parent) Date Night is Saturday too starting this week…And for Yugioh players too!!!

Just in..Generation Force Special Edition!!  First week sale…$10 $9 a box or $80 for a box of 10.  (AND each case purchased gets a $10 entry fee for this weekends Masters Tournament-First Prize is full box of Gen Force SE)

Also On sale this week:

  • Dawn of the XYZ Starter Decks $2 off-$8/each
  • Monster Binders for $30 each
  • Last week of Commander Sale..$25 each (List for $30..) 6 left in stock..
D20’s Local team did GREAT at the Yugioh Regional event, with two of our guys in the top ten out of over 500 high level players 😉
Events his weekend:
  • Parents: Treat yourselves to a night out:  Date Night Magic for kids 9-14 at 5:30 (5 for pizza and drinks-RSVP FOR PIZZA please so we have it for those who want and don’t waste food otherwise-the green mgmt) $15 w/0 Pizza, $20
  • Big guy (and girl) Magic Draft starting at 6:30. LAST M12 Draft before the big Innistrad release next weekend..
  • 1:30…Modern Magic Tournament Play for fun and bragging rights.  Will count towards Plainswalker points, so make sure you have a DCI card (or we’ll get you one).  Entry fee is on me for this one so play just for fun.
  • 5:30 (5 for pizza and drinks-RSVP FOR PIZZA) for two different event for 9-14 year old kids!!
    • Yugioh Dualist League-players bring decks with them for a Dragon Duel style event.  They will play 3 rounds, with the winner getting a Limited Edition Yugioh Playmat, and the second and third place players getting packs.  Each player will also get a pack just for entering.  $10 w/o pizza, $15 with.
    • Saturday Night Kids Magic-Draft format this time ($15 w/o pizza, $20 with) . Starting next weekend, we will do something very fun and different…A special sealed deck league matching the Innistrad phases of the Moon.
PLEASE RSVP for any of the Kids events.  I’m doing the Sat night events as an experiment based on so many requests from parents wanting to get that night out on Saturday, but I need to make sure we have enough players to get things rolling, and we want to make sure we can deliver what we promise.
Sunday-Yugioh Day:
  • 1:00 Yugioh Masters Tournament!!  $10 entry fee and top prize is a box (10 units) of Generation force Special Edition.  The competition is tough, so bring your A-game and A-decks.  (Remember, any purchase of $20 or greater gives a $5 coupon for event entries, and buying a box of Gen Force SE at the $80 sale price, also comes with a $10 entry fee that will get you into this competition as our guest.)  Entry fee includes free deck box)
  • 2:30 Jr. League competition (14 and under who have not won 3 times).  Last free tournament.   Starting next week, $5 entry fee will include a special limited bonus pack.
Look forward to seeing you in the store…Play fair and for fun!!
Older Brother explains a move to Grampa As Grandson Waits to chime in.

D20 Games Weekly Update 9/14/11: Great Kid Parent event and what’s up…

Mom playing in D20 Games first Parent/Kid Magic the Gathering Tournament
D20 Game's first Parent Child Two-Headed Giant Event included a lot of Moms

UPDATE…HOLDING OFF ONE WEEK ON YUGIOH DATE NIGHT ON SATURDAY…(our organizer will be at the Yugioh Regionals)…Also…we will be sponsoring our local team at Regionals…Go get ’em guys!

  • Saturday’s Parent Kid Draft was huge success! As was Sunday’s Yugioh Master’s event. 😉  Both Will Be back!
  • Good luck to our Yugioh Masters at Regionals this weekend!! (Come on back and tell us how you did.)
  • Back to Full Yugioh Status, one week or so from Magic Core store…(fingers crossed.–That means more product and better events.
  • Weds, Open play for one more week…
  • Thursday: New Player, New game night…
  • Friday-Date Night Magic (9-14 year olds, 5:30 for game start, 5 if you want pizza-$15* for draft only, 20 with pizza) and Friday Magic Draft (6:15-6:30 Start $15*)
  • Sat: Casual Modern Magic at 1:30, and  NEW Date Night Magic & –UPDATE…Holding off on Yugioh for a week since our Yugioh organizer will be at regionals on Saturday….Date Night Yugioh (ages 9-14 for both…) 5, with food, 5:30 Start times. $15 for magic (Draft…no decks needed), $10 for Yugioh players (bring their own decks, free sleeves or deck box included.)  Pizza and a drink is $5 more.
  • Sunday: Master’s Yugioh Tournament 1:00 ($10* Entry, another big prize).  Journeyman (beginners and kids-no entry, small prizes)
*Still doing $5 tournament entry credits for every purchase of at least $20

Going to the Distributors today…will have new stock on Yugioh Sleeves, the Ajani vs. Nicol Bolis Decks and will be getting a few more of the Yugioh 2011 Wave 1 Collectors tins, hopefully in time for Regionals.


This Week At the Store—Events and New in stock…


Hi Folks, Here is the haps this week at D20 Games:

  • Friday:  Date Night Magic-Kids 9-14.  Starts at 5:30 for the tournament, 5 if you want Pizza first. ($15 for tournament only, $20 with food.  PLEASE RSVP to [email protected] to let us know if the kids will be joining for pizza)
  • Friday: Adult Magic Draft: 6:15-6:30 start ($15, and includes free pack of sleeves)
  • Saturday:  Big Parent kid Two-headed Giant: 1:00 p.m. 
  • Sunday:  1:00  Getting Ready For Yugioh Regionals Challenge.  ($5 entry fee is free with each purchase of $20 or more)  Prize TBD…if enough players want to, we will raise the entry to $10, include a pack of sleeves, and have top prize be 3 2011 Wave 1 collection tins) email [email protected] if interested.
    2:30-Dragon Duel (kids 12 and under tournament) No entry fee
In stock this week:
2011 Wave 1 Yugioh Collectors Tins
29.99 each or 3 for 79.99
Back in stock in limited quantities. 29.99 each or 3 for 79.99

And on the Magic Side, we just got in the Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas Duel decks..On sale for 17.99 (add in a box, pack or sleeves and get a $5 credit for your next event entry fee)

Just in and on sale for $17.99

Weekly Update: New Official hours, Friday, Sat and Sunday events.

Hi Folks,

A few Quick Updates for the week:
  1. Open today for Early dismissal (2:30), and new hours:  Our Hours have been updated for the school year, and pretty much match the schedule for after school (Family run business and I need to get my kids after school too).  We are going to be running a quick tournament on Wednesdays to give the after school kids something to do.  Format will be Modern and we will play around for a little bit with it.  (I am also going to work on setting up a system so you can register your kid and let me know if I need to see completed homework before they can get started.  I won’t be able to do more then a glance to see completed pages, but I’d be willing to give it a try.) Regular hours are on the site, but they are basically 3:30-8 weekdays, closed Tuesday, early weds, and open late on Friday.  Sat will be 12:30
  2. Friday, Date Night Magic continues at 5:30 (5 for food).  PLEASE RSVP if you want your lads or lasses to have Pizza and a drink at 5.  We had no rsvp’s and then a huge last minute rush, so we didn’t have the pizza.  Also, let me know who is interested in Sat. Date night magic?  We’ve had a fair amount of interest, and if I get enough, we’ll start running it.  (I know the store hours say that we close at 7 that night, but that’s just when we stop letting new people come in.  ADULT DRAFT AT 6-6:30…trying to get it going early so the parents who also play can do so at mostly the same time as the kids.
  3. Saturday Magic:  1 p.m.  Legacy Tournament ($5 entry fee)  AND 5:30, Ben’s Special Birthday Draft: All Foil Alara $22 entry fee ($24 with sleeves).  These packs retail for $11.99 each, so getting three plus possible prize packs is a heck of a deal.  I’m playing in this one.
  4. Sunday Yugioh:  Regular tournament at 1, $5 entry.  Top prize: Wave 1 2011 Collectors Tin., Jr. (13 and under) at 2:30, no fee. (buy $20 worth of Yugioh stuff, and the entry fee is on me.)
Oh, and for the Yugioh players, we have a limited number of the 2011 Wave 1 collectors tins.  They are $29.99 each or both for $53.99

Friday Night Magic Drafts Starting this week-6:30 start time

Come on in for Friday Night Magic Draft Starting this week.   Sign up and be ready to go for a 6:30 start.

For now, drafts cost $15 and come with a free set of Ultra-Pro sleeves (normally $3).

Since we’re just getting going, we’re going to try and crack the chicken and egg problem by instituting  our One Pack Draft Guarantee.  If you sign up and we don’t get at least 6 players by 7, you get a free pack of the latest set of Magic cards we have in stock to make sure it was worth your time.  🙂  Come on in and play.

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