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12/29/17  Biggest Sale of the year…Pop up sales event….

  • Pokemon

    • League  on… 11-1 Pokemon League
  • Magic–.
    • Friday
      • Unsatable For FNM!!! @ 7 pm
    • Saturday:
      • 4 pm..Unstable THG-$20 pp
    • Sunday–
      • Open at 10 am.  1 pm Master’s Sealed- $90 $60 (2 Iconic, 3 Modern (2015 & 2017) and 1 Eternal Masters). Requires minimum of 4 players.

Here is a sealed and draft simulator loaded with the new cards…Draftsim



Info for Pokemon Prerelease and Earlier time for Date Night Magic….

Hey folks-here’s the scoop.


Magic Date Night:  Saturday Night….NEW START TIME  OF 4;00…not 5:30….and pizza is included in new price ($25) (less external food options.  Pick up is by 8:30 at the latest (I’m taking my guys to see the Avengers.)


Pokemon Roaring Skies Prerelease event is this Saturday morning May 2nd.  Here’s the deal.  We provide the space, but it is run by the Pokemon league folks, and as much as they would like to, they can not do preregistration for the event.  They’ve been allocated stuff for about 26 players. so it will be first come, first served, with registration starting at 10:30 am.  It is $30 (cash directly paid to the organizers).  Each player gets 6 packs of the new stuff to make their best decks with, plays a few rounds, and gets two more bonus packs when they return their land at the end.  We WILL be doing our version of this event for the release the next week, so if you can’t make it,  don’t want to risk not getting in, or don’t make it before they sell out, you CAN sign up in advance for the RELEASE event the week of the 9th (I started doing this for every new set after the first time when I had to watch a small parade of teary eyed kids…the Dad in me couldn’t take it).

There WILL be standard Pokemon League side by side with this event since we have the added space…

Parent to parent happy kid tips:

  1. It is not competitive and is good for all levels of players
  2. It will be a full house, so kids should either have parents around or be comfortable with that type of scene (as should you).
  3. Make sure they have food or $$ for snacks (please make the food both clean finger and rug friendly…I put in our human sized chessboard rug myself…)
  4. To avoid the sad kid syndrome…let them know that if they don’t make it into this one, that we will have a special one the next week for the release where they will get the same number of packs, but where you can sign up in advance so you are guaranteed a spot.  Let them know that not everyone will get in and that you will give it a try.  (See me if this happens….I can provide great words of comfort that come from someone who is not their parent, and is therefore much more heard.  I know…my kids treat me like the wah-wah voice of the Peanuts cartoons as well.)
  5. Make sure they have a box or ideally small bag to keep their stuff in…with name on it.  Every time we  have kids leave a pile of good cards on a table and get very upset when someone else picks them up.

This is for the Release event on the 9th….NOT FOR THE PRERLEASE on the 2nd.

D20 Games Weekly Magic Update


Lots of good stuff coming up!!!

  • Date Night Magic is on for 4-6 for kids 9-12
  • Preregistration is open for the Dragon’s Maze Prerelease on Sat. April 27th at 10 and 4,  and Sunday at 10 am.
  • Taking pre-orders for Dragon’s Maze Boxes…$105 per box for the next week (or $110 with Double buy a box promos…one from this set, one random from the last 3)
  • Next Saturday (4-13) for special Magic Sealed event…Guild Wars!  Team Sealed Battle between Gruul, Simic, and Boros!
  • A special Two-headed Giant at 4–Intro Pack Battles...each player gets to pick a random intro pack from Gatecrash or Ravnica and used the decks plus the two packs for their contribution to the team.

D20 Games Events this week… (4/05/2013)

  • 5:30…Magic Time Walk Duels!!  $5 entry ($4 into a pack for the prize pool)  We got this wonderful collection of Intro Decks from 1996-2008 in perfect condition.  Pick your weapon from the History of Magic and see how it does…pick a favorite from the past or something you’ve never tried before.  We’re going to do this from now on, so come and have some historical fun.


  •  Magic League Play-4-5:30 for kids, anytime for adults
  • Friday Night Magic: 6:45. $15 (Special deal..sleeves $2 for drafters) All drafts will be Gatecrash!!  Going great..we broke a new record with 36 players!!!


  • Date Night Magic 5 for pizza, 5:30 for draft.  $15 for the event plus $5 for pizza and drink for kids 9-12


  • Gatecrash League Week!! !! $25 to start (includes 6 packs) and $5 a week…goes until the end of the set.. Kids from 3:30-5:30, Adults from 5-7–  League is played on a drop in, so come in Weds, Friday or Saturday Nights  IT IS FINE to come in and start now..this goes for the length of the set so there is lots of time to play.  Also, Pre-release sets are fine to start with, and to answer the other question, you can get a different set if your first pulls didn’t rock…just needs to be a full set of six.
  • Bring your Standard decks to test out while you’re waiting.

What’s Happening at D20 Games in Alameda


Modern Master’s Figure of Destiny
  • Looking for some good DM’s—Sat June 15th is Free RPG day at the store, in addition to giving out a bunch of free RPG goodies, we will be running what could be up to a 3-8 table joint adventure…but we need some good DM’s to help us out.
  • Ok…still battling with the website….so far it’s taken the first game…but the match isn’t open yet.–The Event list is battling
  • IMPT>>>Sunday Standard is moving to 11:30 start from 12:30 start so we can start regular 3 pm drafts (Modern Masters Next week)
  • Saturday Morning…Registering at 10am— Pokemon Battle Roads tournament...(Lots of people..not the best for the smaller kids that can get overwhelmed)
  • Also on Saturday June 8th…Two Headed Giant (starting a bit later because of the Battle Roads.)  Packs at 4 or so…but no space to build until about 5–start playing at 6
  • Modern Masters ships this week
    • Limited number of Drafts during the opening weekend ($35 for the first weekend, $40 after that weekend)
    • Friday, June 7th, 6pm and 9pm
    • Saturday June 8th, 9pm
    • Sunday June 9th, 3 pm
  • Taking reservations for the first (and only) Revised Box Draft –Yep…we are doing the most over the top draft ever…a factory sealed box of Revised.  Cost is $150 per person to open packs that haven’t seen fresh air in 19 years. 😉  (NOTE–New date for this…June 29th!!!)
  • Tuesdays starting June 11th… Modern Masters League.  Register here…  ($100 for 6 starter packs plus 5 weekly packs…more then half sold out so far..)These packs will be cool but in very limited supply.  Packs look like they will be between $13-15 per and are FULL of amazing stuff for Magic Modern.
  • Wednesdays…we are doing D&D encounters from 6-9.  We’ve pretty much got the first table either filled or close each week, so we’re looking for a couple more people to DM for us.  Check out my newly written Intro to D&D blog post for parents and other curious types

Older news—

No more Adult Yugioh @ D20  for the whole story  click here.
Thanks to everyone for the post break in support..we’re doing much better..   Click here  for the story.

D20 Games Events this week… (6/04/2013)


  • Vanguard, Pokemon, Kaijudo and Magic open play.


  • New Dragon’s Maze League (short league before summer League) 6 packs to start or one of the prerlease 6 pack sets.


  • 5:30…Magic Time Walk Duels!!  $5 entry ($4 into a pack for the prize pool)  We got this wonderful collection of Intro Decks from 1996-2008 in perfect condition.  Pick your weapon from the History of Magic and see how it does…pick a favorite from the past or something you’ve never tried before.  We’re going to do this from now on, so come and have some historical fun.
  • Board Game Test Night. Check out new board games from 5-7 (or later)–Play a game and write a review…get a punchcard punch good for special deals!!!
  • OPEN AT MIDNIGHT FOR Modern Masters sales.  League players can get their first packs and we will sell limited numbers of packs per day.


  •  Magic League Play-4-5:30 for kids, anytime for adults
  • 6PM  Modern Masters Draft (Limited to 8–$35)
  • Friday Night Magic: Dragon’s Maze Draft 6:45. $15 (Special deal..sleeves $2 for drafters) Drafting Dragon’s Maze-Gatecrash-Ravnica
  • 9 pm Modern Masters Draft (Limited to 8-$35)


  • Registering at 10- Pokemon Battle Roads tournament...(Lots of people..not the best for the smaller kids that can get overwhelmed)
  • 11-1:00 Pokemon League…$5 and great fun for all ages. Free play with other folks who love Pokemon with rewards for how many times you play. ADDING Competitive tournament each week.  $5 entry (4 into prize pool for packs). Single Elimination.
  • Two Headed Giant (starting a bit later because of the Battle Roads.)  Packs at 4 or so…but no space to build until about 5–start playing at 6
  • Date Night Magic 5 for pizza, 5:30 for draft.  $15 for the event plus $5 for pizza and drink for kids 9-12–kids will have the option of playing in the launch event instead if they would like.
  • 9PM  Modern Masters Draft




Yugioh Epic Dawn Battle Pack Sealed Deck Play @ D20 Games

Starting with the release of Epic Dawn, D20 will start doing regular Yugioh Sealed Deck play.  Epic Dawn is Yugioh’s first release that is dedicated to sealed deck play (decks that are made from small fixed number of packs)

We will run Battle Pack events starting at 2 p.m. on Saturday  and at 12:30 on Sundays for the older crowds.  We will also start doing it on Tuesdays starting at the end of June We will do so for as long as we have battle packs in stock, but please check the website calendar for the latest information.

There will be 2 formats:

  • 5 packs-Cost,$10-15 depending on prizes.  Make 20 card decks from the 25 cards that come in the sealed packs.
  • 10 pack.  Cost $20-$25 depending on prize pool.Make 40 card decks out of the 50 cards from the packs.

The rules of sealed are that only the cards that come with the packs you open that day can be used to make your decks. No cards can be added from different sets or from any other source but the packs that were opened.  The cool part of this is that a) You aren’t playing the same deck over and over again, b) Every player basically starts on an even playing field, and c) rather then buying packs just for the one or two good cards that may be found, you get to have fun with them, no matter what.

These events are similar to the sneak peeks with one major exception.  The sneak peeks are for sets that weren’t designed for sealed deck play, so the decks made with them tend to either be wonderful or terrible.  The new Battle packs were built for doing this, so they have many more cards that can work together well in the sets.


Prizes will vary by event, but for the kids, they will play 3 rounds with selections from the Duelist league as special prize cards for all kids involved.  Bonus packs will be awarded for best sportsmanship, most interesting deck ideas, and best helping another player to learn the game.  For the adults, prize packs will be either one pack per match winner for 3 rounds, or from a prize pool.


From Konomi, here are their suggested rules for the 10 pack events.
Event Rules:

1.                   8 Duelists are seated in a random order.

2.                   Each Duelist is then given 10 sealed Battle Packs.

3.                   The Duelists record each card out of the packs they open on the Battle Pack: Epic Dawnchecklist.

4.                   The Judge for the event gathers each Duelist’s set of cards and checklist and randomly distributes them among the Duelists.

5.                   The Duelists verify what cards they receive with the checklist they receive.

6.                   The Duelists will then be given 20 minutes to look over their cards, build and sleeve their 40 card Main Deck., Should they choose to sleeve their Deck, they must do so with tournament-legal sleeves.


Once steps 1 thru 6 are completed, the Duelists then will play against their first round opponent in a best 2-out of-3 match.  Play will continue in single elimination format until a winner is determined.


Deck Construction Rules
Main Deck Size (Minimum) 40 non-Xyz Monster Cards in Main Deck
Side Deck Size All non-Xyz Monster Cards not in the Main Deck
Extra Deck Size All Xyz Monster Cards
Forbidden/Limited List No  Forbidden & Limited Card List is used

Pre-thanksgiving Schedule and Holiday Sale..

Hey folks:  Heres the news that’s fit to print…Holiday hours, events, and our First major Sale…

Holiday Hours:

Friday 18th, Open late (5:00).  (D20 Team is heading off around 7:15 Am for the SF World Magic Championships)

Saturday 19, Open Late to Late (2-9)

  • Deck Clinic-all day:  Bring in your Magic or Yugioh Decks to test them against our sharpshooters and get deck advice.
  • Final Practice for 3k Draft: Signups start at 6, play as soon as we have 8

Sunday 2oth, Open Late (1pm)

 Special Masters 1:30: Photon Shockwave Box tournament.  $5 entry fee. 1/2 box for 8 players, Full box for 16 or more.

Duelist League (14 and younger) 2:30: $5 entry with Entry Booster pack included.

Monday 21-Thursday 24-Closed (Check back for possible updates)

 Sale* Items For the Holidays(through Day after Thanksgiving:

Packs-Buy 5 get 6

Photon Shockwave Boxes-$96 $79

Innistrad Event Decks, $23

MTG Commander Decks $35-$30

Generation Force SE Boxes 1 for $8, Box of 10 for $65 (until Monday 21st only)

More to come….


D20 Update–Impt.Events & hours changes for (& after) Holidays.

Hey folks, a few big(ish) annoucements.

  • From now on, look for us to be open for special kid events on most early dismissal days. (Not this week…personal business.)  We will post special openings on the site and through our update emails. (to get on the list, email us at info at
  • Coming:  We’re creating a gift recommendation list for different levels of Magic, Yugioh and game players.  We will also announce a special few days where we will be open during the school day for parents who want to come in while the kids are safely tucked away at school.  While we do need to sell things to stay in business, we do take pride in making sure that we stock good stuff and make appropriate and trust worthy recommendations.
  • After Thanksgiving:
    • We will be moving Friday Date Night Magic to Saturday.  (This is for kids age 9-14.)We will start it at 5:30 (5 for pizza).  Advanced (and very well behaved) kids can join on Friday for Friday night magic at 6:15.
    • Moving Kids Yugioh (the Duelist League for age 14 and younger) from Sunday to Saturday.  We will both do the Duelist League at 2:30 for $5 entry fee and Yugioh Date Night also at 5:30 (5 for Pizza and a drink for $5 more.)  We are doing to give more space (and frankly peace) for the kids and the adults.  We will do Duelist League for a few weeks in between Thanksgiving and Xmas to give kids a chance to learn about the change who doen’t check the website, but after the new year, that will be the new times.
  • Events this week:
    • Friday
      • Date Night Magic at 5:30 on Friday RSVP for Pizza at 5 ($15 without pizza $20 with)
      • Friday Night Magic at 6:30 ($15…Prize card a special edition Go for the Throat.)
    • Saturday:  King of the Hill Live Starting at 1:00—$5 entry fee, special limited edition mat and event decks for prizes depending on number of entries.  12 and under division if more then 8 players (no fee and smaller prizes).  Standard Format
    • Sunday:
      • Masters Tournament @ 1:30:  $10 entry…first prize a Half box of Photon Shockwave for 12 or less players, Full box if more.  (Photon Shockwave Releases on Tuesday the 15). Rights to First Box Sold right after Midnight on Monday.
      • 2:30 Duelist League for 14 and Younger. $5 entry fee with Turbo Pack and prize card for all players.

D20 Weekly Update-Halloween FNM, Magic Event Day-Yugioh Sneak Peek next week

Free for first 30 players

Lots of good stuff this week.

    • Saturday:
      • Innistrad Game Day!  2:00-2:30 Start time for a constructed deck tournament. (Bring your own deck. Standard format: Innistrad, M12 and Scars Block cards only, 60 card minimum) First 30 players to sign up get a special game d
        ay promo card, top 6 players get a special bonus card)  Entry fee is $5 ($10 with two pieces of Pizza and a drink at 5)  Format is double-elimination tournament, and should end before 7 for the final players.)
      • Prize for top players in Game Day Tournament
Bonus Drafts.  We will put out draft sheets starting from when the store opens at 12:30.  8-players and go. ($15 w/sleeves, $13 w/o).  We will also do a hard-start adult draft at 6:30.
    • Sunday:
      • Yugioh Masters Turny at 1:30.  First Prize, $5 Entry, first prize Guaranteed Entry for Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek on Nov , 6th.–Includes Turbo Booster for entry pack
      • Duelist League (14 and under)-2:30 to 4:30. $5 Turbo Booster for entry pack and a pick from the special duelist league cards at the end of the event. (BTW…the FULL set of Exodia will be among the cards this week.)

    D20 Weekly update: FNM for Real!, Date night Magic, And Sunday Yugioh

    Update:  Legendary Collection 2 is at $35 for next 20 sold…will start going up after that.  3 for 90 deal is over…(most stores are selling it for $40 and up…will hold the price as long as I can.)

    Ok…the updated schedule for the weekend.

    1. Friday at 5:30  –Kid Magic (date night Magic)
    2. Friday at 6:30- FNM Friday Night Magic (finally!!!)
    Top 4 player FNM player prize card
    1. Sat at 1:30–Innistrad League (sealed deck…buy six packs and play for 6 weeks.)-entry $25 (includes six packs…basically cost of the packs)  Week 1 of 6 weeks
    2. Sunday at 1:30  Yugioh Masters.  $10 entry and Two Legendary Collection 2 units (price: $25)

    9-23 Weekly D20 Game Weekly Update-Gen Force SE in stock! Date Night Events both Fri AND Sat. Last week for M12 in magic..

    BIG NEWS…KID (Parent) Date Night is Saturday too starting this week…And for Yugioh players too!!!

    Just in..Generation Force Special Edition!!  First week sale…$10 $9 a box or $80 for a box of 10.  (AND each case purchased gets a $10 entry fee for this weekends Masters Tournament-First Prize is full box of Gen Force SE)

    Also On sale this week:

    • Dawn of the XYZ Starter Decks $2 off-$8/each
    • Monster Binders for $30 each
    • Last week of Commander Sale..$25 each (List for $30..) 6 left in stock..
    D20’s Local team did GREAT at the Yugioh Regional event, with two of our guys in the top ten out of over 500 high level players 😉
    Events his weekend:
    • Parents: Treat yourselves to a night out:  Date Night Magic for kids 9-14 at 5:30 (5 for pizza and drinks-RSVP FOR PIZZA please so we have it for those who want and don’t waste food otherwise-the green mgmt) $15 w/0 Pizza, $20
    • Big guy (and girl) Magic Draft starting at 6:30. LAST M12 Draft before the big Innistrad release next weekend..
    • 1:30…Modern Magic Tournament Play for fun and bragging rights.  Will count towards Plainswalker points, so make sure you have a DCI card (or we’ll get you one).  Entry fee is on me for this one so play just for fun.
    • 5:30 (5 for pizza and drinks-RSVP FOR PIZZA) for two different event for 9-14 year old kids!!
      • Yugioh Dualist League-players bring decks with them for a Dragon Duel style event.  They will play 3 rounds, with the winner getting a Limited Edition Yugioh Playmat, and the second and third place players getting packs.  Each player will also get a pack just for entering.  $10 w/o pizza, $15 with.
      • Saturday Night Kids Magic-Draft format this time ($15 w/o pizza, $20 with) . Starting next weekend, we will do something very fun and different…A special sealed deck league matching the Innistrad phases of the Moon.
    PLEASE RSVP for any of the Kids events.  I’m doing the Sat night events as an experiment based on so many requests from parents wanting to get that night out on Saturday, but I need to make sure we have enough players to get things rolling, and we want to make sure we can deliver what we promise.
    Sunday-Yugioh Day:
    • 1:00 Yugioh Masters Tournament!!  $10 entry fee and top prize is a box (10 units) of Generation force Special Edition.  The competition is tough, so bring your A-game and A-decks.  (Remember, any purchase of $20 or greater gives a $5 coupon for event entries, and buying a box of Gen Force SE at the $80 sale price, also comes with a $10 entry fee that will get you into this competition as our guest.)  Entry fee includes free deck box)
    • 2:30 Jr. League competition (14 and under who have not won 3 times).  Last free tournament.   Starting next week, $5 entry fee will include a special limited bonus pack.
    Look forward to seeing you in the store…Play fair and for fun!!
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